Published: Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pershing Head of Sales & Marketing Nada Serafini flew from Italy to visit the new Lee Marine International Marine Brokerage office at Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket, Thailand. 

Pershing Yachts Powerhouse Visits Lee Marine In Phuket 3

(Photos: Pershing Yachts - Pershing Head of Sales & Marketing Nada Serafini)

Known as the Pershing powerhouse, Serafini shared her years of knowledge with the Lee Marine team, whilst updating them on the latest design of Pershing 5X, which will soon be launched. “This is a reunion point giving new energy and synergy to the team. Congratulations!” she says about Lee Marine’s new office.

From a school of thought, Serafini pursues effective communication with Pershing’s worldwide distributors, ‘Know your product, know your client.’ Due to some difficult family circumstances 25 years ago - when Pershing was a toddler - Serafini literally knocked on doors till she was given a job. It turned out to be an opportunity for an exciting professional life. 

Pershing Yachts Powerhouse Visits Lee Marine In Phuket 2

Starting as a Pershing Personal Assistant to 3 bosses, her duties spanned from answering phones to ordering overseas parts and collaborating with the management department. Her possession of five languages assists greatly. It is common thought that yacht building is a man’s territory and a woman is an unlikely fit in this industry. “When you are selling such a dream, such an experience as Pershing, at the end of the day, the woman is usually the decision maker,” says Serafini.

In her quarter century aboard Pershing, she can truly say there has never been a moment of boredom. Fresh stimulus, new targets abound. “The world is not saturated with Pershing – indeed it is still blossoming,” says Serafini. “Thanks to all dealers, management and clientele who are the ones using and pushing Pershing for better, for more.”

Serafini thrives on excitement for the design and build. “The best boat is the next one. Draw on the experience and knowledge from the previous ones. Connect with the team. Listen to the clients’ needs and wants.” An iconic example Serafini recalls, was in 2000 when the Pershing 88 was launched. She approached the Pershing founder Tilli Antonelli, telling him she felt he had a problem. Then came the Pershing 115, which became the brand’s flagship for years.  

Named after MGM-31A Pershing missiles John Joseph, Black Jack Pershing yachts have always been pioneering innovation. An example for all is a gas turbine powered Pershing 70 back in 1991. “At the core of Pershing yachts, is speed with the utmost comfort possible,” says designer Fulvio de Simoni. 

Pershing Yachts Powerhouse Visits Lee Marine In Phuket 5

(Pershing 5X)

“You can enrich your holiday time with a Pershing (yacht), since it moves fast," says Serafini. "You get there fast, therefore increasing your leisure time."

One of the latest Pershing projects, the 5X, will debut at the Ferretti Group Monaco preview in September 2016. Her 54 foot length is a prime example of a suitable sized boat fitting the criteria that Pershing Owners suggested. The full-beam master cabin spanning the stern’s width with maximum clearance is one result. In the 5X, this is a very much sought-after feature requested by Pershing Owners, while attracting new clients. New wings and a door from the saloon to cockpit are seen for the first time in 50 footer. Lee Marine is the Thailand distributor for Pershing and the Ferretti Group brands. 

“My blood is silver. I think to the top only – something which projects me to extraordinary. And besides, Pershing spoils me,” Serafini replies when asked if she ever considered another working opportunity. 

Pershing Yachts Powerhouse Visits Lee Marine In Phuket 3