Published: Monday, 23 May 2016

Royal Phuket Marina opened the island's newest dry stack boat storage facility in Thailand with the latest Wiggins Marina Bull forklift technology – the first of its kind in Asia.

Royal Phuket Marina Launches Dry Stack And Boat Butler Service 1

(Photos: Royal Phuket Marina)

With the aim to grow boating in Phuket and in response to the needs of smaller powerboat owners, Royal Phuket Marina's dry stack caters for boats up to 12 metres (39 feet) in length and increases boat capacity at Royal Phuket Marina to 296.

“Our new dry stack provides cost-effective storage for small boat Owners who wish to minimise boat maintenance and keep their boat in a safe and secure, easily-accessible location. The Wiggins Marina Bull forklift provides the latest lift technology from the US. Boats can be lifted in and out of the water with the utmost safety. The first section of the dry stack accommodates 60 boats while the second section will accommodate a further 66, bringing our total marina capacity to 296,” says Marina Manager in Royal Phuket Marina Woranart Wongvanich.

“Wet berths in the marina are at a premium and we run near 100% year-round occupancy. With the dry stack we can accommodate smaller powerboats out of the water and with our new Boat Butler service we can provide convenient, hassle-free boating for our clients,” adds Wongvanich.

Royal Phuket Marina Launches Dry Stack And Boat Butler Service

The Boat Butler concept is akin to valet parking for boats, whereby boat Owners make one call to Royal Phuket Marina and their boat is on water, fuelled and ready to go upon their arrival. And when the Owners return, they only need to pull up to the dock, hand-over the keys and leave Royal Phuket Marina's concierge team to wash-down the boat and put it back on the dry stack. Royal Phuket Marina also offers unlimited free lifts in and out of the water.

“Within minutes of arriving, the Owner will be on their boat and enjoy the spectacular cruising grounds that are on the doorstep of Royal Phuket Marina. Our service aims to give Owners more time out on the water, allowing them to enjoy their investment while we take care of the hard work for them,” comments Wongvanich. 

In addition to the huge annual savings on cleaning and maintenance costs, and protection from exposure to salt water – both of which can reduce the depreciation of boats – there is 24/7 CCTV and clients have full access to the lifestyle facilities of Royal Phuket Marina.