Published: Friday, 06 May 2016

The Thai boutique charter company confirmed that the charter peak season November 2015 to April 2016 set a new record for the number of charters sold.

“We have clients from Asia that would like to learn more about the yachting lifestyle and they are looking for advice on how to get started. We have the infrastructure and support to make it possible for them to try yachting through taking a charter,” says Simpson Yacht Charter Manager, Adrien Darene.

2015 was a successful year for the company, which saw a record number of luxury charters sold to international guests with charters leaving almost every week of the year. Most charter inquiries are for traditional weekly holidays discovering mythical Koh Phi Phi islands. Another popular destination is Phang Nga Bay, where the emerald green islands and sandy beaches are perfect backdrops for snorkelling.

Simpson Yacht Charter Records Unprecedented Growth In Asia 1

“Thailand is the ultimate destination for yacht charter holidays in Asia. The islands around Phuket enjoy light wind, flat sea, delicious cuisine, pristine waters and fine sandy beaches. Phuket is only two hours by flight from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, making the island a perfect destination for a short yacht charter holiday,” continues Adrien.

“Fifty percent of our clientele is in the expatriate community who live in South East Asia (primarily Singapore and Bangkok) and in the People’s Republic of China. The remaining fifty percent of our clients come from Russia, Europe and USA”, says Adrien. “Phuket is well serviced by low cost carriers from across the region with 15 flights a day from China alone.’’

Simpson Marine’s regional spread over 7 countries in North and South East Asia enables clients from most parts of Asia to go to Phuket and enjoy their first boating experience which in some cases can lead to yacht purchase.

“Yacht charter is often the first step towards ownership and this is what we try to encourage today in China. During my last nine years spent with Simpson Marine in China, I have seen an increasing number of Chinese travellers requesting to explore sea life and water sports. This almost never happened when I was starting. We are doing a lot of education here in China with dedicated sailing events and traveller forums to help people understand how fantastic a sport it is and how enjoyable it can be for the whole family”, says Simpson Marine China General Manager Angel Zhou.

Simpson Yacht Charter Records Unprecedented Growth In Asia

To cater to this special clientele, Simpson Yacht Charter offers tailor-made trips for as little as one to three days, in conjunction to more typical weekly or bi-weekly charters. Chartering guests can choose among Lagoon catamarans, power boats and selected superyachts, and they can count on a concierge welcoming service from the moment they land in Phuket, if needed.

Simpson Marine also runs a yacht care programme for absentee Owners across Asia who wish to keep their yachts in Phuket even though they live elsewhere. “It’s a concierge service that allows Owners living overseas to place their yachts in Thailand or Malaysia. We have them cared for and so they are fully ready and provisioned with just a few hours’ notice when the Owner wants to fly in and go cruising. Our programme is unique with no restrictions on Owners. Simpson Marine takes care of all maintenance, cleaning, repairs, provisioning, crew placement and concierge service for these yachts and the operational cost of the service can be covered by charter, if the owner wants to use our charter programme too”, explains Simpson Marine Thailand Country Sales Manager Sergio Loiacono.

“With a yacht care programme, we solve a problem many customers face in Asia – where to keep their yacht and how to enjoy it at a moment’s notice,’’ confirms Sergio.

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