Published: Monday, 13 June 2016

Australian boat builder McConaghy announced that the first hull of the new generation Ker46+ was sold and will begin its build in late June.

First Mcconaghy Ker46 Sold For Delivery In Early 2017 2

(Photos: McConaghy - Ker46+)

The deal was signed at McConaghy's Zhuhai facility between the new Owner Shawn Kang and McConaghy's Managing Director Mark Evans. Jason Ker, designer of the generation, was also on site for the signing, as well as Wade Morgan, who will act as the Owners rep throughout the build.

The yacht will be raced by Kang and his professional team. She will be named Lighthorse and fly the flag of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC).

First Mcconaghy Ker46 Sold For Delivery In Early 2017

"I am excited we will soon be sailing this new and very fast, next generation Ker46+,” says Kang. “Having been sailing for many years, our team is eager for a higher speed. With the new Ker46+, I believe team Lighthorse will be more competitive on the water."

"Kang contacted us a few months ago about the Ker46, Jason and I had already spoken about updating the hull lines of the 46, so it was logical to offer the new package to Kang,” says Evans. “The yacht will have essentially the same deck as the first generation Ker46, but the hull shape and appendages are all new. So more tooling! But that's what it takes to stay ahead of the game, and that's what we do."

“A lot has happened in the four years since we created the successful Ker46 series, of which four were built and raced successfully including class wins in the Sydney to Hobart Race and many other race wins,” says Ker. “Our continually improving optimisation technologies have been honed through various projects and it was clear that the time had come to bring out a new design. Replacing the Ker46 as our semi-custom offering in the size range, the Ker46+ is used as its generational baseline the heavily researched Ker40+ that came out guns-blazing in 2015 winning class in the Around the Island Race on its first race outing and comfortably winning the first ever Fast 40 regatta.”

First Mcconaghy Ker46 Sold For Delivery In Early 2017 1

The Ker 46+ is significantly lighter than the previous generation, but its powerful hull form ensures great upwind and reaching performance.  The hull shape is the product of an extensive formal optimisation involving large volumes of RANS CFD data, leveraged through use of Neural Networks and proprietary optimisation techniques. The optimisation process for the 46+ benefits from real data and feedback from the company’s recent projects.