Published: Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fiart Mare launched Fiart 52, which will make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2016.

Italian Shipyard Fiart Mare Launches 52ft Motoryacht With Volvo Penta Engine 1

(Photos: Fiart Mare - Fiart 52)

The Italian shipyard turns knowledge built up over six decades of nautical construction into creating a model optimised to meet the tastes and demands of a fast-evolving consumer base.

The Fiart 52 comes with a typical Mediterranean layout and plenty of signature Fiart Mare styling cues, which introduces substantial design and also architectural as well as functional innovations. This new model is the product of meticulous design that draws on Fiart Mare’s vast experience in the fast cruiser sector. The result is a sleek take on the concept that mirrors changing times and evolving demands by affording much broader scope for customisation of both the fit-out and deck plan. From concept to exterior design, waterlines and engineering are done by the in-house Fiart Mare Design Division.

Italian Shipyard Fiart Mare Launches 52ft Motoryacht With Volvo Penta Engine

Its Volvo Penta engine and IPS set-up are among the best in today’s market and ensure the boat flies across the waves whilst simultaneously cutting vibration and noise levels. The result is a new seafaring and helming experience that will satisfy most Owners.

The twin, counter-rotating propellers face forward and work in undisturbed water, boosting their efficiency as does the fact that the the propeller thurst is parallel to the hull. Efficiency improves by up to 35% compared to other conventional propulsion systems and the 1,200 hp unleashed by the Fiart 52’s engines dissipate less energy in powering the boat forward, improving overall performance in terms of fuel consumption. She is also suitable for very diverse climate conditions.

Italian Shipyard Fiart Mare Launches 52ft Motoryacht With Volvo Penta Engine 2

The 52 is the first Fiart Mare yacht to feature a deck dinette which is sheltered by the top and can be enclosed aft, creating a bright and pleasant external space that can be climate-controlled to provide complete protection both from cold, wet weather in winter and excessive summer heat. In short, they will be kept warm and dry in winter and cool and dry in summer.

Another important technical feature of the waterlines penned by Fiart’s designers is the deep vee in the bow area. Its 27° angle helps it slice effortlessly through the waves and ensures improved seakeeping in moderate swells, especially when heeling is a risk. This pronounced vee at the bow results in better stability at speed and more a precise, eager response to the helm too. In fact, it influences and characterises the overall design of the boat and marks it out as a member of the Fiart range as it has already been adopted on other models produced by the Neapolitan brand. 

Italian Shipyard Fiart Mare Launches 52ft Motoryacht With Volvo Penta Engine 4

Sticking with the deep-vee hull, there is a deadrise aft to deliver a form that is the optimal compromise of pure speed and comfortable seakeeping. These waterlines maximise hydrodynamic support – in other words, they make it easier for the yacht to start and maintain planing at lower speeds even using relatively modest power set-ups. On a practical level, this means the Fiart 52 planes on fumes – fuel consumption is extremely low and range is significantly extended. 

She also features a large central space on the main deck that is not merely sheltered by the hard top but can also be entirely enclosed and thus climate-controlled with a glass and steel sliding door.

Technical specifications of Fiart 52

Max. length (Lmax): 16.66m
Hull length (Lh): 15.70m
Max. beam (Bmax): 4.42m
Build height: 2.24m
Design draft (no IPS): 0.780m
Design draft (with IPS): 1.170m
Aft deadrise: 15.50 °
Midships deadrise: 20.70 °
Length along waterline at full load: 14.05m
Beam along waterline at full load: 3.65m
Trim angle at full load: -0.300°
Overall height: 4.510m
Design displacement at full load: 18kg
Fuel tank: 1800 litre
Water tank: 500 litre
Max. passenger capacity no.: 16
Berths no.: 6
Design category: B
Engine set-up: Volvo Penta IPS 1050 MD8 EVC DP – 2x HP (Displacement: 12.8 litres. Weight: 2,920 kg including IPS)
Max. RPM 3000: Service RPM 80%