Published: Friday, 10 June 2016

The steel and aluminium 42 metre yacht from the Long Range line of Italian ship builder Overmaine - Mangusta Oceano 42 - was launched on Saturday June 4. 

Overmarine Launches Mangusta Oceano 42 In Pisa

(Photos: Overmarine - Mangusta Oceano 42)

The launch ceremony took place at the new shipyard in Pisa. The Owner and his family were present, together with the local authorities, the Mayor of Pisa and the Mayor of Viareggio, designer Alberto Mancini, the Balducci family and the entire company staff, both excited about and proud of this great achievement.

“Today has been really important for us, as this is the company’s very first three deck displacement ship," says CEO of Overmaine Group Maurizio Balducci. "She is also the first to be built in metal, and the first to be constructed here at our Pisa shipyard. Most importantly, however, we are both happy and proud to be able to say that this is the day on which we launched a beautiful ship, with unique features for a unit of this size.”

The transition required significant investments in infrastructures - new facilities of 22000m2, of which 9000m2 are covered, were built at the Darsena Pisana (Pisa wet dock) - human resources and lots of time. The company believed in this choice and was aware that it was fully able to play a key role in this segment, thanks to its experience built up over 30 years. 

Overmarine Launches Mangusta Oceano 42 In Pisa 1

Designed by Alberto Mancini, Mangusta Oceano 42 is a modern and elegant yacht which expresses her proportions through a blend of taught, sharp lines combined with softer sections. A careful study was carried out on the light aboard, and a new concept developed, which provides for two innovative areas. On the deck at bow the external area was designed with two separate sunbathing areas, which come together in a swimming pool with a waterfall featuring an infinity effect. Glazing on the bottom of the swimming pool brings light and semi-transparency into the Owner suite head located on the underlying deck. Astern, on the other hand, the hatch features transversal cuts in glass through which visitors can glimpse a fully furnished beach area. Once open, it extends over the sea, creating a platform where the glazed surfaces turn into a source of natural light, which lets in the underwater aft lights.

The interiors were designed for 12 guests and seven crew members, ensuring the utmost privacy and freedom of movement. Here, everything converses with the great outdoors. Indeed, there are huge glazed surfaces in the salon through which natural light enters. In the other areas, glass transparencies light up the various different areas, increasing the perception of space. 

Mangusta Oceano 42 will be presented at the upcoming autumn boat shows.