Published: Friday, 03 June 2016

Three deliveries of MCY 105s were reported in MCY 105 Asian premiere held by Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) and Asia Yachting.

Three Mcy105s To Be Delivered To Hong Kong Buyers

(Photos: Monte Carlo Yachts - MCY 105)

Since the award-winning Monte Carlo Yachts 105 in September 2015 in Cannes, the luxurious Italian yacht has caught the attention of a growing number of buyers, especially in Hong Kong. The brand has further strengthened its position in Hong Kong by securing delivery of three MCY 105s, the largest to-date in the Monte Carlo Yachts collection, standing at 105 feet (32 metres). The world’s first MCY 105 was delivered to Hong Kong in April 2016, with the second due to arrive later this summer.

Furthermore, Asia Yachting organised a dominating display of the Monte Carlo Yachts full range at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show for four consecutive days in early May. This was the first time the full range of Monte Carlo Yachts has been displayed outside the Italian shipyard. Guests had the opportunity to view the first MCY 105 at the Asia Yachting booth.

Three Mcy105s To Be Delivered To Hong Kong Buyers 3

The MCY 105 was recognised for both its exquisite design and innovation by receiving the Most Innovative Yacht Trophy at the Cannes Boat Show, Golden Award in Yacht & Marine Vessels Design and Yacht & Aviation Awards 2016 in the interior design category. The 32-metre flagship is a continuous representation of Monte Carlo Yachts’ sophisticated designs and distinguished flair sleekness.

The local luxury yacht dealer Asia Yachting is the official and exclusive dealer of Monte Carlo Yachts in Hong Kong. Asia Yachting has delivered both the world’s first MCY 105 and the most number of MCY 105s in the world. Simpson Marine is the dealer for the rest of Asia.

Three Mcy105s To Be Delivered To Hong Kong Buyers 2