Published: Thursday, 28 July 2016

Medals were decided for the winners on the podium for 420 Class World Champions with 420 Open Class, 420 Ladies Class and U17 Class in Sanremo, Italy July 15-23.

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 5

(Photos: Andrea Lellie, Gerolamo Acquarone / 420 Class World Champions - 420 Ladies)

The transition from the light winds that dominated earlier in the week to big breeze and waves, turned up the heat and pitched new faces to the front.

The 2016 420 Worlds has been a benchmark in participation, featuring 524 sailors representing 24 nations across the three World Championships: Open (110 teams), Ladies (84 teams) and U17 (68 teams). 

Reflecting the Class’ appeal to the youth, the youngest Helm was 12 years old, going through to the oldest at 23. A similar age range was reflected in the crews, going from 13 to 21 years, with the exception of one 28-year-old crew. 

420 Ladies

Francesca Russo Cirillo/Alice Linussi from Italy faced the kicked up sea and big breeze with a super consistent 4,3 scorecard to claim gold. Russo Cirillo won the 2014 420 Ladies World Championships as crew to her then-Helm, Carlotta Omari.

The Italians went into the final day with a seven-point deficit to Spain’s María Bover Guerrero/Clara Llabrés, so they had no margin for error.

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo

(Maria Vittoria Marchesini/Cecilia Fedel)

Russo Cirillo/Linussi took control of the race track, showing precision, talent and stamina. Spanish sailors Bover Guerrero/Llabrés struggled, notching up their worst daily points score of the series, a 15,18. With their 18th result discarded, however, the Spanish could still safely claim silver, with bronze going to Maria Vittoria Marchesini/Cecilia Fedel from Italy, who held onto the third place on the leader board they had going into the day.

Race wins to Italian Carlotta Omari/Matilda Di Stefano in Race 11 saw the pair finish in 10th overall, with Fenella Bennett/Emily Gent from Britain seizing the Race 12 win and climbing to finish in 19th overall.

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 8

(María Bover Guerrero/Clara Llabrés)

420 Ladies – Final Top 10 Overall

1. Francesca Russo Cirillo/Alice Linussi (ITA 55476) - 43 pts
2. María Bover Guerrero/Clara Llabrés (ESP 54697) - 54 pts
3. Maria Vittoria Marchesini/Cecilia Fedel (ITA 55641) - 56 pts
4. Maria Caba/Pilar Caba (ESP 55687) - 61 pts
5. Julia Szmit/Hanna Dzik (POL 56008) - 87 pts
6. Souzana Bakatsia/Nikoletta Papageorgiou (GRE 55002) - 100 pts
7. Sofie Schöne/Line Johanna Thielemann (GER 56064) - 101 pts
8. Lala Akrich/Catalina Homar (ESP 53848) - 111 pts
9. Isabel Davies/Gemma Keers (GBR 55517) - 117 pts
10. Carlotta Omari/Matilda Di Stefano (ITA 54800) - 127 pts 

420 Ladies Silver Fleet - Top 3
1. Clara Videla/Sofia Videla (ARG)
2. Nia Jerwood/Monique De Vries (AUS)
3. Hannah Hagen/Sarah Eisenlohr (GER)

420 Open

Portugal’s brothers Diogo Costa/Pedro Costa edged their rivals aside, to sail through the pack and claim the World Championship title in the final race. Two strong results of 3,7 converted what was a 10-point deficit behind the leading team going into the day, to an 11-point advantage at the end.

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 7

(Josh Berry/Henry Haslett)

Saturday’s big breeze brought about a reversal of leader board fortunes for many. Of the three teams in podium places at the start of the day, only the Portuguese held onto a medal position.

Wiley Rogers/Jack Parkin from the US executed a superb performance when it mattered most, eating up the race track to score 2,2 and claimed the silver medal. Bronze went to Greece’s Vasilios Gourgiotis/Orestis Batsis, who converted their leader board seventh going into the day to a third at the end from scoring 12,3.

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 1

(Fausto Cruz Peralta/Martin Arroyo Verdi)

France’s Theo Carayon/Erwan Lucas scored 43,27 and plummeted to sixth overall. Star performance went to Australia’s Tom Klemens/James Grogan who knocked out back-to-back race wins on the final day. As one of the older and heavier teams in the fleet, the lighter breeze did them no favours. But when the wind came out to play, the Aussies motored through the fleet to taste race victory, and finished 31st overall.

420 Open – Final Top 10

1. Diogo Costa/Pedro Costa (POR 55289) - 91 pts
2. Wiley Rogers/Jack Parkin (USA 55162) - 102 pts
3. Vasilios Gourgiotis/Orestis Batsis (GRE 54484) - 113 pts
4. Enrique Luján/Pablo Luján (ESP 56077) - 126 pts
5. Fausto Cruz Peralta/Martin Arroyo Verdi (ARG 54842) - 134 pts
6. Theo Carayon/Erwan Lucas (FRA 54834) - 141 pts
7. Luis Hernández/Luis Bugallo (ESP 56103) - 142 pts
8. Leonardo Lombardi/Rodrigo Grippi Lacerda Ribeiro Da Luz (BRA 52852) - 146 pts
9. Carlos Balaguer/Ignacio Balaguer (ESP 55947) - 148 pts
10. Marc Lladó/Antoni Massanet (ESP 55249) - 149 pts

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 4

420 Open Silver Fleet - Top 3
1. Alexandre Demange/Aurelien Barthelemy (FRA)
2. Jan Borbet/Lea Borbet (GER)
3. James Clemetson/William Birch-Tomlinson (GBR)

420 U17

The U17 gold medals went home with Greece’s Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo/Dimitris Tassios, who showed consistent performance, including three race wins in the nine race series. After discarding their 14th place from Race 3, the duo held a scorecard of top 10 results.

Silver went to Eduard Ferrer/Carlos De Maqua from Spain and the third place belonged to French sailors Enzo Balanger/Gaultier Tallieu.

No racing was held on the final day as the high winds mucked up the race programme. 

Initial series leaders Violette Dorange/Camille Orion from France struggled in the penultimate day of racing. With the breeze up, they scored two mid-fleet finishes and damaged their point-count. Dorange/Orion will also be returning to the U17 fleet fray at 420 Junior Europeans. 

420 World Class Ladies Gold Medal Goes To Italian Duo 2

(Luis Hernández/Luis Bugallo)

Many of the teams will head across Europe to the 2016 420 Junior European Championships in Lake Balaton, Hungary July 29-Aug 5.

420 U17 – Final Top 10

1. Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo/Dimitris Tassios (GRE 56071) - 24 pts
2. Eduard Ferrer/Carlos De Maqua (ESP 55980) - 39 pts
3. Enzo Balanger/Gaultier Tallieu (FRA 56030) - 42 pts
4. Violette Dorange/Camille Orion (FRA 55959) - 74 pts
5. Nick Zeltner/Till Seger (SUI 55553) - 81 pts
6. Luis Doreste/Julio Alonso (ESP 55539) - 94 pts
7. Tommaso Cilli/Bruno Mantero (ITA 56076) - 107 pts
8. Lucas Parés/Teo Parés (ESP 53559) - 114 pts
9. Giorgos Drosos/Nikolaos Giotopoulos (GRE 53456) - 116 pts
10. Iris Arvaniti/Maria Eleni Andreou (GRE 53168) - 122 pts