Published: Friday, 29 July 2016

The Italian brand Azimut in the Azimut | Benetti Group will present its full range at Cannes Yachting Festival Sept 6-11. The five collections in Azimut Yachts’ range will be represented by 17 models, from the smallest in the fleet - the Azimut Atlantis 34, to the Azimut Grande 95RPH, which is riding high on the success of a series of striking novelties, including the raised deck and a flybridge offering over 60m2 of space.

Azimut To Display 17 Yachts At Cannes Yachting Festival 3

(Photos: Azimut Yachts - Azimut 66 Fly)

The star of the show will be Azimut 66, the iconic new yacht in the Flybridge Collection. The latest model launched by the Avigliana-based company, the model will make her first appearance at Cannes, joining Azimut’s classically-styled collection and has already reported great sales and positive reactions from brand enthusiasts.

The flowing lines with an extensive use of carbon fibre, designed by Italian yacht architect Stefano Righini, significantly reduces the weight of the yacht and increases the volumes of interior and exterior.

Azimut To Display 17 Yachts At Cannes Yachting Festival 1

The models sharing the spotlight with Azimut 66 Fly at Cannes will include Azimut Magellano 66, the 20-metre megayacht offering long-range cruising freedom pampered by the comfort and elegance of home. The fifth model in the Magellano collection retains the distinctive Dual Mode hull from previous versions to guarantee comfortable cruising in any sea conditions and at any speed.

Then there is Azimut 72 Fly, the predecessor of Azimut 66 Fly and a representative of the innovative concept it embodies. Making extensive use of carbon fibre, it stands out in particular for its elegant proportions, which express a sporty mood without settling for any compromises in terms of space.

Azimut To Display 17 Yachts At Cannes Yachting Festival 2

The smaller model on show - Azimut Atlantis 43 - is the latest model in the collection. It is a testimonial for Azimut’s design flexibility and “Made-in-Italy” style, offering the chance to customise the interiors with fine Italian fabrics from Missoni Home and Loro Piana Interiors.

Azimut models to be shown at Cannes Yachting Festival 2016: 

Azimut Atlantis Collection:

Azimut Atlantis 34
Azimut Atlantis 43
Azimut Atlantis 50

Azimut Magellano Collection: 

Azimut 43 Magellano
Azimut 53 Magellano
Azimut 66 Magellano
Azimut 76 Magellano

Azimut To Display 17 Yachts At Cannes Yachting Festival

S Collection:

Azimut 55S
Azimut 77S

Flybridge Collection:

Azimut 42 Fly
Azimut 50 Fly
Azimut 54 Fly
Azimut 60 Fly
Azimut 66 Fly
Azimut 72 Fly
Azimut 80 Fly

Grande Collection:

Azimut Grande 95 RPH