Published: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Italian shipyard Benetti has continued to show its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, including sharing experience in Australia, hosting a yachting gala in Capri and touring to South Korea. 

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region 6

(Photos: Benetti - Australian Superyacht & Marine Export Conference)

Benetti Asia General Manager Nizar Tagi was invited to speak at the Australian Superyacht & Marine Export Conference held this year in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia. 

Addressing delegates and industry professionals from around the world, Tagi, who is a superyacht connoisseur with over 30 years of experience, shared his insights on the growing yachting market in the Asia-Pacific region. He also advised Australian companies on how they could best capture existing and emerging commercial opportunities, and how to connect with their target audience in what is a unique and dynamic marketplace.

“Over the last couple of years we have seen 70-80ft yacht Owners looking to upgrade to 100-115ft quality superyachts, which is a great opportunity for prominent yacht builders,” says Tagi at the conference. “To re-enforce this trend, Australian charter brokers need to collaborate more closely with their European and American counterparts to promote Australia as a cruising destination. More visiting charter and private yachts, plus improvements in the local charter segment, will certainly intrigue potential superyacht buyers and may encourage further sales from Australian customers.”

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region 5

Capri hosted Azimut | Benetti Group’s Yachting Gala May 21-22. This exclusive event is dedicated to Owners and enthusiasts of megayachts that have been designed the group. Over 700 yacht lovers including the guests invited by Benetti Asia landed on Capri from around the world to celebrate the splendid yachts built by the Group in an atmosphere that truly reflected the charm of an Italian lifestyle.

The Marina Grande on the island played host to a fleet of no less than 22 yachts, representing the Group’s entire range. Guests had the chance to experience these remarkable yachts, created with design, power and technology, at sea in the waters off the Faraglioni, the Arco Naturale, Marina Piccola bay, and in several other enchanting locations.

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region 1

From Australia, Benetti then set a course for South Korea, the third largest economy in Asia. A favourite travel destination amongst tourists from the region, the country is showing robust tourism development and a burgeoning demand for luxury yachts as the desire for a high quality lifestyle grows with the economy.

To strengthen Benetti’s coverage, service and accessibility for clients across Asia, Benetti’s superyacht experts travelled to Seoul. They fostered closer relationships with the Italian Embassy and met with a number of potential partners for collaboration.

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region

New appointments of the group as agents in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Japan, were made with Geoff Lovett International (GLI) and Bingo Sports respectively. These agents have extensive experience, local expertise, and a track record working diligently for a diverse range of clients.

Geoff Lovett International has been in the yacht business for over 50 years, with loyal clientele across Australia and beyond. GLI’s yacht savvy brokers provide the premier service and valuable advice rooted in profound product knowledge. As a new Benetti agent, GLI will work to enhance brand awareness, reinforce client service and boost sales in Australia and New Zealand.

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region 4

Bingo Sports is a leading premium auto dealer in Japan selling top-class super brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani. With its deep understanding of Italian brands, local market knowledge and existing high end client base, Bingo Sports will support Benetti positioning within the Japanese market.

Clients from China and Australia have shown huge interests in the brand and a number of potential buyers from both countries have visited Benetti’s shipyards in Italy to better understand the brand and its unique offering.

Benetti Solidifies Its Presence In Asia Pacific Region 3