Published: Monday, 04 July 2016

Ferretti Group announced its new icon - Rivamare - in Sarnico during a press meeting held in the historical Riva shipyard as well as the launch of convertible yacht 76 Bahama. 

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched 10

(Photos: Riva Yachts - Rivamare)

“The conception, design and construction of the new and remarkable Rivamare has been a very exciting experience for us”, comments Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Glassi. “A masterpiece created in our magnificent, completely renovated boatyard in Sarnico, with a production line exclusively dedicated to the new model, taking forward Carlo Riva’s dream to always build the most beautiful boat. 

Born from the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the firm headed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, sole designers of the entire Riva fleet, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department and Strategic Product Committee, Rivamare is 11.88 metres (39ft) long, with a full beam of 3.5 metres (11.6ft).

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched

Rivamare is available in all the colours of the Riva range, including in stunning London Grey and the exclusive metallic version much-loved by Riva Owners.

Its side view reveals the striking angles of the keel and bow, ready to fly across the water.

Fitted at the sides of the anchor and stainless steel prow is a pair of night-time mooring lights. The boat’s profile has a double-curved laminated crystal window at the level of the cabin. The most eye-catching feature on the deck is the windscreen, consisting of five double-curved laminated crystal glass sections set in a stainless steel frame, fitted with a rail for the cockpit cover.

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched 2

The deck, in glass varnished mahogany panelling, is enhanced by a central glass pane – set in a stainless steel frame – that boosts the natural light in the interiors.

A striking feature at the centre of the deck is the casing in chrome plated aluminium alloy supporting the signal horn, yet another stylistic element inherited from the Sarnico boatyard tradition.

At the stern, both bulwarks feature striking grilles in polished stainless steel: a choice of style that displays a family feeling with the most recent coupes, like 76 Persea. It features a major innovation, offering the luxury of a beach area. The hatch, with inbuilt mahogany steps, can swings open to reveal a large surface. Using the inclination of the stern and the level surface of the beach area, two specially designed ergonomic sun pads can be positioned over the hatch.

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched 3

With the hatch still open, more steps appear, complete with two storage compartments at the sides. Upon request, the compartment on the starboard side can be enlarged in order to store a Seabob.

The beach platform is completed by the fender bar with a mahogany top. The stainless steel boarding ladder is housed beside the hatch. An underwater lighting system can be installed upon request. The most eye-catching feature on the deck is the windscreen, consisting of five double curved laminated crystal space, featuring numerous technical compartments as well as storage compartments for guests, can be protected by a retractable electro-hydraulic bimini top. 

The pilothouse design draws inspiration from the driver’s cabin in sports cars: the entire control panel is in carbon fibre with the frame lined in technical fabric. In addition to two handle bars in polished stainless steel and mahogany, it is embellished by other rich details, including the name of the model and serial number, both in chrome plated steel.

On the left side of the windscreen is the search light, a hallmark of the Aquarama and Aquariva Super models, showing the close continuity between Rivamare and these past and present icons. 

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched 6

In terms of the use of interior spaces, the engineers and designers created a luxurious open space consisting of a kitchen, a bathroom with separate shower, and a living area in the bow that converts into a double bed.

Moreover, two of the three steps leading down from the cockpit fold back towards the stern and align with the top step, so that the whole area can be used to the best advantage. The standard wood finish proposed by the boatyards is rift cut white veneer.

Rivamare is equipped with a pair of D6 400 DPH Volvo Penta engines (stern driven propulsion), each generating 400Mhp at 3,500rpm, with integrated trim provided by a stern drive and interceptor management system. In terms of performance, the boat can reach a cruising speed of 32 knots and a maximum speed of 40 knots. The integrated control system, inclusive of Joystick and docking made functions, makes it easy to manoeuvre in narrow waters, as in sideways. Mooring for example, thanks to the movement achieved by the combined use of the propellers. The driving mode function, available on request, enables Rivamare to be piloted exclusively through the joystick. The advanced autotrim function optimises the trim while accelerating and steering, with combined action on the stern drives and interceptors.

Ferretti Icon Revealed And 76 Bahama Launched 5

The interface is a 7 inches – or on request – up to 16 inches 16:9 display touch screen, which operates alongside the traditional analogue instrumentation, combining the engine monitoring the navigation functions.

Upon request, it is possible to install an air-conditioning system in the lower deck and helm station. A Seakeeper NGS stabiliser can minimise rolling motion when at anchor.