Published: Friday, 08 July 2016

Coming on board the Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) network of regions is Captain Jean-Francoise Cormerais for Borneo. Capt. JF, as he is known, is based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo, Malaysia and widely known throughout the region.

Jean Francoise Cormerais Joins Asia Pacific Superyachts Borneo

(Photos: Asia Pacific Yachting - Captain Jean-Francoise Cormerais)

Capt. JF is a long-time Marine Consultant since 1998, involved in yacht maintenance, brokering, repairs and delivery, captaincy. He was Yacht Surveyor for Marine Industry Surveys Sdn Bhd and was involved in the management of the marine services sector for Borneo Tallship Sdn Bhd. He was Head Captain for a charter fleet based in Kota Kinabalu from January 2005 until September 2009 and Project Manager of general refit of 160 footer Lady Orient at Wave Master in Langkawi.

Cormerais was Captain of the 100ft Puteri Sutera in 2003/2004, and also of a new 90ft power yacht with delivery from Taiwan to Malaysia.  Experienced in all areas of yachting, Capt. JF constructed his own 90ft power yacht Naga Laut. He was an occasional Captain for different yachts such as Envira, Sipadan Princess and Triple Nine. He also made a 7,500-mile delivery of the 130ft Sipadan Princess. During the past decade, he made several deliveries in Asia of sailing and power boats, including places like Hong Kong, Phuket, Langkawi and Bali.

Jean Francoise Cormerais Joins Asia Pacific Superyachts Borneo 2

(Harbour at Kota Kinabalu)

He did a general refit of 66 footer Triple Nine and major repair on a 90-year-old American wooden schooner. He supervised construction and then delivered his own 95 footer in Indonesia of a replica of an authentic Pinisi – the Mata Hari.

Capt. JF has more than 150,000 miles sailing yachts he personally built, such as Brecor, Courlis, and Double Dragon and half the time he sailed single-handedly. He also made numerous deliveries of both sailing and power yachts in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific and well as participating in many sailing races in Europe and Asia such as Annapolis, Giraglia, Leucate, King’s Cup, Fastnet, etc. on top of sailing yachts.

Jean Francoise Cormerais Joins Asia Pacific Superyachts Borneo 3

(Borneo EOS)

Cormerais earned Yacht Master certificate for power and sailing yacht without limit of range and length and the highest in France for pleasure yacht. He was also a certified dinghy sailing teacher and an international marine radio licensee. Over the years he also gained Padi open water certification and extensive knowledge of yacht electric, mechanical, hydraulic, fiberglass and wood. 

Looking forward to assisting superyachts Captains and Owners, Capt. JF is eager to support and arrange for all conceivable needs of visiting superyachts to ensure a top notch and memorable adventure holiday. Boneo is deemed ‘safe’. JF and his team are the perfect fit to an organised cruise around the enchanting areas and waterways of Borneo.