Published: Friday, 29 July 2016

Just a few months after Italian shipyard Lagoon delivered 620 No. 100, the 52 F No. 100 is going to be in the limelight.

Lagoon Celebrated Its 100th 52 F Boat 7

Lagoon Celebrated Its 100th 52 F Boat 5

(Photos: Lagoon - 52 F)

Launched in 2015, this model, whose exterior was designed by French naval architects Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), and with an interior by Nauta Design, has become a key member of the Lagoon range.

The 52 S, launched in September 2015, which, unlike the FlyBridge version, has a lowered reduced rig and a helming station providing direct access to the cockpit and saloon. Thus, the choice in 52-foot catamarans has increased thanks to the 52 F and 52 S.

Lagoon Celebrated Its 100th 52 F Boat 4

52 F No. 100 will go to the high seas, heading for the continent of America. In the USA, she will be exhibited at the Annapolis Boat Show Oct 10-13.

Meanwhile, Simpson Marine sold two of the largest and newest Lagoon catamarans - the Seventy 7 and Seventy 8 Motoryacht.

The Lagoon Seventy 7 will be delivered to Singapore and the Seventy 8 Motoryacht to Malaysia. Both are scheduled for arrival in 2018. 

Lagoon Celebrated Its 100th 52 F Boat

(Photos: Simpson Marine - Lagoon Seventy 7)

Lagoon has delivered over 3,600 yachts during its 30 years history of which over 100 have been sold by Simpson Marine into Asia. 

Lagoon catamarans have proved to be one of the most popular brands with Asian buyers because of the increased stability and space making them ideal for entertaining large groups of family and friends in safety and comfort. In addition, the twin hull design and shallow draft allows access to secluded bays and coral reefs normally inaccessible to monohulls or powerboats.

The Seventy 7 is Lagoon's largest sailing catamaran project to date and will be launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival Sept 6-11. She is a versatile yacht designed for easy day passage handling or completing an Atlantic crossing. 

The elegance and beauty of Seventy 8 Motoryacht was the reason an existing Lagoon 620 Owner decided to trade up to enjoy 40% more space and many other fantastic features. The Sevengty 8 Motoryacht will be ready in 2018. 

Lagoon Celebrated Its 100th 52 F Boat 10

(Lagoon Seventy 8)

Creating new models such as the Seventy 7 and Seventy 8 within an already extensive range was an exciting challenge for Lagoon and underlines the shipyard's commitment to leading the market and designing solutions for the next generation of large yachts where luxury and refinement are the watchwords.