Published: Thursday, 22 September 2016

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) New Zealand opened its office in Whangarei, north of Auckland to provide services to and support vessels whilst in refit and cruising in the Bay of Islands and Northland.

Asia Pacific Superyachts Nz Opens Office In Whangarei 1

(Photo: APS - Karma Butler)

Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ prides itself on the worldwide acclaim it has received for its “outstanding service” provided to superyachts visiting New Zealand.

To ensure continuity of its seamless shoreside support and service, it now has a dedicated agent working to support the growing superyacht industry outside of Auckland. 

Karma Butler was born in New Zealand and has recently returned home after nearly a decade working on superyachts as a Stewardess and Purser throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

“Karma’s vast experience working directly with Owners and guests, and knowing exactly what high level of service and support is required are a great asset to the company and will be welcomed by those in refit and cruising,” says APS NZ Managing Director Duthie Lidgard. “Karma’s refit involvement in yards around the world is also vital to our Northland expansion. We have made the investment to support our clients across the various New Zealand yards including Whangarei."