Published: Wednesday, 28 September 2016

DeepFlight has partnered with Shanghai-based Rainbowfish Ocean Technology to open the oceans for underwater tourism. DeepFlight Adventures will offer submarine experiences at resorts and other locations around the world starting in 2017.

Deepflight Partners With Rainbowfish For Underwater Tourism

(Photos: Deepflight - Deepflight Dragon on its recent expedition in Papua New Guinea)

“We are delighted to partner with Rainbowfish Ocean Technology who has the resources, experience and capabilities that will allow us to bring the DeepFlight experience to more people around the world,” says DeepFlight CEO Adam Wright. “While we will continue to sell our submarines to the superyacht and private ownership markets, our partnership with Rainbowfish enables us to offer unique submarine adventures, including resort-based dives, as well as offshore expeditions.” 

“DeepFlight makes an excellent partner for us as we seek to make underwater tourism a significant part of our business. With the launch of our 4,800-ton mothership MV Zhang Jian, our plans for the Rainbowfish 11000 full ocean depth manned submersible, and now the addition of DeepFlight submarines, this partnership makes us well-positioned to become a leading player in underwater tourism,” adds Rainbowfish Chairman Dr. Xin Wu, having recently completed a successful joint expedition with DeepFlight in Papua New Guinea.

Deepflight Partners With Rainbowfish For Underwater Tourism 2

DeepFlight also introduced its newest submarine DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept 28-Oct 1. The DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S was designed to enable people to experience underwater flight and view amazing sealife from resorts, yachts, and other seaside locations. The Super Falcon 3S adds a third cockpit to its flagship vehicle so that a pilot can take two passengers on underwater flights to 400ft (120m). The submarine will have Lloyds Register classification and be US Coast Guard certified.

In the Super Falcon 3S, passengers sit comfortably in individual cockpits. The polished acrylic viewing domes afford almost 360-degree visibility. The pressure hull is a proprietary, composite material that has been tested and proven to withstand the pressure of the ocean. Independent oxygen systems utilise conventional O2 makeup and CO2 scrubbers, providing 72 hours of life support. Like all DeepFlight submarines, the all-electric, zero-pollution Super Falcon 3S is positively buoyant, meaning the craft automatically floats back to the surface.

Deepflight Partners With Rainbowfish For Underwater Tourism 5

(Super Falcon 3S)

The first resort locations Deepflight is looking to open are in Hawaii, the Maldives, the Caribbean and French Polynesia. It is expected that the first resort to be up and running in 2017.