Published: Thursday, 01 September 2016

Moonen will attend the Cannes Yachting Festival in France Sept 6-11 and give a public and media debut to the 30-metre Matica Bijoux, the first motoryacht in the new Caribbean series of the Dutch company.

Dutch Shipyard Moonen To Present 30m Bijoux In Cannes 2

(Photos: Moonen - 30m Matica Bijoux)

The model ensures comfortable seakeeping behaviour and low fuel consumption. Her steeper bow gives a narrower waterline entrance and a longer waterline, further increasing comfort at sea and fuel economy. The limited draft and well-protected propellers make Matica ideal for shallow waters. This in turn makes the yacht ideal for sailing in the Caribbean and other areas where you are sure to devote your time to enjoying the all fresco life.

Like all models in Moonen's Caribbean series, the Matica has been designed by René van der Velden. This raised pilot house version combines a distinctive and timeless style. The Owners of the first matica build have worked closely with the Adam Lay Studio in England to develop a striking interior design concept. 

Dutch Shipyard Moonen To Present 30m Bijoux In Cannes 1

Last year’s Cannes Yachting Festival featured almost 600 boats, including around 100 world premieres. As the first Moonen Matica and one of the largest yachts on display, Bijoux will be a highlight along the superyacht extension at berth SYE043.

The second Moonen Caribbean is under construction and more news will be unveiled later.

Dutch Shipyard Moonen To Present 30m Bijoux In Cannes