Published: Wednesday, 07 September 2016

China Macau International Import & Export Yacht Show (Macau Yacht Show) hosted its sixth celebration Sept 1 in Armani Bar in Central, Hong Kong. The event attracted over 100 visitors from yachting and aviation industries in Asia, luxury brands and media giants from Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, as well as VIPs from different fields.

Macau Boat Show Cocktail Party Receives More Than 100 Guests

(Photos: MC Yacht Show - Macau Yacht Show cocktail party)

“After six years of evolvement and growth, Macau Boat Show has opened the Macau market for many industries and has generated the progress of some related yachting policies,” says Macau Boat Show Representative Fungna Zhang. “Last December the central government gave Macau 85m2 of legal waters, easing the long-term plight of our dearth of land. The show also proactively sets ‘A Centre, A Platform’ (a centre for world tourism and leisure, and the trade platform for China and Portuguese-speaking countries). Macau can thus thrive in sea travel, cruising, yachting sports as well as port trade business, reaching economic diversification.”

Macau Boat Show Cocktail Party Receives More Than 100 Guests 1

“The success from the past five editions helps foster a strong foundation for the show, leading to the show being approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in 2015,” she adds.

Macau Boat Show aims to play a significant role in Asian yachting industry as well as an international platform for foreign yachting brands and medium and small enterprises. It also strives to establish a relationship with luxury brand names as well as to enhance different cultures and arts, shaping Macau as a city for tourism and leisure.

Macau Boat Show Cocktail Party Receives More Than 100 Guests 2

The sixth edition of Macau Boat Show will be held at Macau Fishermen's Wharf Nov 4-6.