Published: Wednesday, 07 September 2016

From Sept 1 onwards, Marco Valle is the new Managing Director of Azimut Yachts Business Line. The designation by Vitelli family and Tamburi Investment Partners, the main shareholder of Azimut | Benetti Group, comes in full accordance with Group CEO Ferruccio Luppi and with full assent of the Board of Directors.

Marco Valle Appointed Azimut Yachts Business Line Managing Director

(Photo: Azimut Yachts - Business Line Managing Director Marco Valle)

48 years old, from Trieste in northeastern Italy, Valle joined Azimut | Benetti in 1996, in the sales department of Azimut Yachts. He then started his path of professional growth, fulfilling more important jobs, becoming Commercial Director Worldwide in Azimut Yachts until Aug 31 this year.

With this appointment, Valle takes on the responsibility of the economic and administrative results of the business line, according to the Group’s guidelines. Finance and Special Projects remain competence of and need to be reported to Luppi.

“It's a great satisfaction to see one of our managers grow, build a solid and brilliant career and get to the top. Valle, who has spent 20 years with us, carries with him the history and DNA of our company. His new role grants continuity, at the same time putting into effect our Group's philosophy: to sustain professional growth and respect our people as the real asset of the company,” says Azimut | Benetti Chairman Paolo Vitelli.

“I am thankful to everybody for the trust I received and it is my intention and will to repay it giving my best in pursuing the company’s mission – to sustain the evolution and innovation process required by the company's tradition and the peculiarity of the business sector,” says Valle.