Published: Friday, 09 September 2016

The 2016 HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show Aug 30-Sept 4 was a major success. Some 23,620 visitors, a 17.5% increase on last year’s event, flocked to the Dutch capital to see around 250 boats from Dutch and international yards, including five exhibitors from the HISWA Holland Yachting Group.

Superyacht And Consumer Boating Worlds Meet At Hiswa

(Photo: Holland Yachting Group - 2016 HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show)

The attendance of five HISWA Holland Yachting Group companies at a consumer boat show illustrates how much easier it has become for recreational boating to blend with the superyacht sector. As consumer boats grow in size, quite a few of them boast the top-quality finish of superyachts.

Leonardo van den Berg is a sales representative for Wajer Yachts, maker of elegant, fast and high-end powerboats from 37 to 55 feet. While recognising a difference between displaying Wajers at a consumer show such as the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show and at superyacht events, van der Berg sees value in both.

Superyacht And Consumer Boating Worlds Meet At Hiswa 3

“The HISWA in-Water is less critical to us, than, say, the Monaco Yacht Show, where we will this year give a public debut to our new flagship, the Wajer 55,” says van der Berg. “In addition, our performance open day boats are becoming more popular among superyacht Owners looking for luxury tenders and chase boats. At the same time, while Wajer Yachts is now selling the majority of its boats abroad, we definitely do not want to lose sight of our home market in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam show has clear PR value here in the Netherlands.”

The superyacht industry knows Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS) for its Anti Roll stabiliser fins for yachts of up to 400 feet. In the world of consumer boating, DMS has already sold scores of its Magnus Master, an electric roll damping system for yachts of up 90ft. It uses rotating cylinders that exert an upward or downward pressure depending on the rotation direction.

Superyacht And Consumer Boating Worlds Meet At Hiswa 5

“At the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show, we are dealing with end users, and this year Steeler Yachts visited us with a group of its clients. The superyacht shows see us primarily talking to representatives of yards and Owners, and concept yacht designers,” says DMS Sales Representative Marcel Vrijsen. 

Rob van Kesteren from Storm Yachts was perhaps the most disruptive exhibitor at the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show with his 20-metre Storm X-65 Wheelhouse yacht.

Superyacht And Consumer Boating Worlds Meet At Hiswa 4

“While she is not a superyacht by the traditional size-wise notation, the Storm X-65 is definitely a superyacht in terms of her custom design standards,” says Van Kesteren. “The yacht features a Frank Laupman interior and Van Oossanen Naval Architects’ Fast Displacement Hull, recognising the fact that that not every Owner in the 15 to 30-metre range is content to cruise on motoryachts that all look so similar. Storm Yachts recently joined the HISWA Holland Yachting Group because we are part of the elite end of the yachting market.”

The history of Mulder Shipyard, founded in 1938, is steeped in inland cruisers. Over the years, the yard came to manufacture longer custom and semi-custom motoryachts, and in 2015 launched the full-custom 34-metre Solis, its largest yacht to date. Nonetheless, Mulder Shipyard will still be part of the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show. “We remain committed to our clients in the under-superyacht-size category,” says Sales Manager Nick Mulder. “The Mulder yard is very mindful of the fact that our excellent reputation dates back to the Favourite Cruiser, the first of which was built in 1955.”

Superyacht And Consumer Boating Worlds Meet At Hiswa 2

The appearance at the HISWA in-Water of Esthec, maker of composite decking, was perhaps the least surprising. The company sells lightweight, computer-cut decking material in 13 colours for cruise ships, superyachts, recreational craft, offshore rigs, ferries and naval vessels. “Traditional teak is pricey, heavy and not always easy to come by. Esthec decks are computer-cut and glued onto the ship’s deck,” Esthec Owner Jaap van de Rest adds.

“The successful participation of five of our members at this year’s HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show confirms that the dividing line between consumer boating and superyachts has become increasingly blurred,” concludes HISWA Holland Yachting Group Export Director Jeroen Sirag. “Yacht builders and equipment suppliers can serve both markets with equal enthusiasm and the superyacht sector offers clear added-value to boating companies looking to raise the quality bar still further.”