Published: Thursday, 27 October 2016

As of today, CRN, the historical Italian shipbuilder and brand of the Ferretti Group specialising in the construction of fully-custom steel and aluminium light-alloy pleasure vessels between 40 and 100m in length, will have a new symbol representing its bespoke production in Italy and across the world – a project aimed at physically and visually communicating the art of customised yacht building.

Crn To Display Bespoke Yacht Artwork Across The World 2

(Image: CRN - Bespoke artwork)

This original work of art blends together the materials, finishes, and style the Ancona shipyard can offer its Owners and symbolises CRN’s outstanding shipbuilding craftsmanship – a synthesis that is realised as a piece of art epitomising CRN's ability to build masterpieces.

Transforming the wishes of the most demanding Owners, CRN combines steel, wood, marble, leather and the most sophisticated fabrics into artistic creations.

The ‘Bespoke’ artwork will be displayed every time CRN takes part in a national or international event, to underline the Shipyard’s ‘Owner-oriented’ approach, focusing on the client and the product, and unmatched craftsmanship.