Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Two years after unveiling the half-scale prototype during the Monaco Yacht Show Sept 28-Oct 1, the Swiss engineering firm Hydros Innovation partnered with the Enata group and launched the production of the Foiler 41, the first flying motoryacht on the market.

Foiler Reveals Flying Yacht 41 At Monaco Yacht Show

(Photos: Enata Group - Foiler 41)

Comfortable, stylish and technologically advanced, the Foiler 41 is the culmination of years of intensive research and development. Thanks to her patented retractable hydrofoils, she can either dock or cruise at low speed with her foils up, or fly above the water at the press of a button. With unparalleled responsiveness, this revolutionary yacht offers an incredibly smooth and safe ride, totally removing the uncomfortable shaking that is felt on-board a classic vessel when hitting the waves.

When flying, the Foiler 41 substantially reduces its hydrodynamic drag, leading to a reduction of fuel consumption by 30%, a top speed of up to 45 knots, and a unique sensation for its guests. To ensure the finest stability, an advanced system constantly controls the propulsion system and appendages position, only leaving the pleasure of driving to the pilot.

Foiler Reveals Flying Yacht 41 At Monaco Yacht Show 1

The exclusive design of this carbon fibre yacht, inspired by the automotive and luxury industries, gives to this technological gem a timeless and stylish look.

The Foiler 41 is equipped to the highest standards and offers customisable features to meet the requirements of the most demanding Owners. She is intended for a widespread use and available in three different deck configurations: GT, Tender (limo cockpit) and Pro (open cockpit). 

The Dubai-based group Enata Industries has brought the development of the Foiler 41 to fruition following the acquisition of the renowned Swiss design office, Hydros Innovation. Through this merger, Enata will bring Hydros’ visionary products to the market. 

Foiler Reveals Flying Yacht 41 At Monaco Yacht Show

Between the advanced expertise of Hydros in dynamic simulation and flow calculation, and the highly skilled craftsmen and top-notch facilities operated by Enata, the Foiler 41 takes the best of both worlds.

The Hydros Foundation, dedicated to fostering maritime efficiency, has gained more focus, allowing it to grow its current actions, and is collaborating with Enata on upcoming projects.

Technical specifications:

LOA: 12.5 m (41ft)
BOA (foils up): 4.2m
Draught (foils up): 0.95m
Take-off speed: 18-20kts
Maximum speed (foiling): 45kts
Construction: carbon epoxy