Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

At the Monaco Yacht Show Sept 28-Oct 1, the Oceanemo 55 was introduced - the latest addition to the Oceanemo series - the range of Sport Utility Yachts designed by Fulvio De Simoni for the French shipyard Ocea.

Largest Sport Utility Yacht Oceanemo 55 Debuts In Monaco 3

(Photos: Ocea - Oceanemo 55)

After the success of the 33m and 44m models, the design phase of the largest sport utility Yacht in the Oceanemo series has come to its conclusion, and Monte Carlo saw the debut of the Oceanemo 55.

 "It is probably one of the most beautiful and smartest boats I've ever designed," says the award-winning Italian designer De Simoni. "But it’s not just my merit, I must admit. It’s the very concept of the Sport Utility Yacht that initiated this line of thought: a free stern, the majestic superstructure and an important bow are all typical features of the Oceanemo that work together making the lines of this series so beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Never before have we seen a boat of this size able to offer so much space not only for guests, but also for transporting and storing accessories, vehicles and water toys for the leisure time of the Owner, family members and guests. Obviously, the judgment is subjective, but, from a design point of view, I find that the volumes and the unusual shapes that characterise the 55 are perfectly in harmony with each other and certainly advantage this great yacht!”

Largest Sport Utility Yacht Oceanemo 55 Debuts In Monaco 2

Oceanemo 55 further develops the guiding concept of the smaller models - 33m and 44m - well summarised in the definition of Sport Utility Yacht. The idea of going to sea on a yacht that goes further than a more traditional yacht, supporting a different kind of lifestyle than that permitted by the more traditional yacht, and based on a concept idealised by Aldo Manna, Yacht Developer and Partner with Ocea since 2005, and aimed at fulfilling the needs of today's Owners.

This concept was then developed by De Simoni for Ocea. In relatively small external spaces, Oceanemo can accommodate a large amount of tenders, water-toys and accessories all aimed at improving leisure time when at sea. The use of space, the allocation of volumes and the design of dedicated and personalised equipment make every Oceanemo model unique and one of a kind, without jeopardising those traditional spaces dedicated to the Owner and his guests.

Largest Sport Utility Yacht Oceanemo 55 Debuts In Monaco

The Oceanemo 55 is at the top of its range and offers in 55 metres length and six decks, the ultimate in comfort, relaxation and the luxury of being able to embark a huge amount of water toys and amenities. 

The heart of the Oceanemo 55m project lies aft. De Simoni has succeeded in the difficult task of obtaining two ample spaces dedicated to toys: a covered hangar of 105m2 and a raised deck of almost 130m2 that permit the transport of all kinds of vehicles:

Largest Sport Utility Yacht Oceanemo 55 Debuts In Monaco 1

In the hangar:

– a tender-limousine of up to 9.6m length,
– a crew-tender of up to 4.5m length
– two water-jets
– a helicopter or airplane with folding wings 

On the raised deck:

– a fisherman
– a luxury car or SUV
– a hovercraft
– a helicopter, a seaplane or a personal submarine 

Guests onboard also have access to a beach area of 45 square metres in the stern area and at water's edge and a 42-square-metre covered veranda for moments of privacy or bad weather.

Largest Sport Utility Yacht Oceanemo 55 Debuts In Monaco 4

The Owner can enjoy one’s privacy thanks to a dedicated apartment that encompasses over 65 square metres of pure comfort.

The spirit of freedom is further emphasised by the technical choices available for propulsion. Upon request, Oceanemo 55m can be equipped with a hybrid powertrain, with diesel or electric motors. These systems are designed by the Ocea shipyard, with its strong consolidated know-how acquired over decades in the design of military ships. The hybrid propulsion system increases navigation possibilities and minimises the impact on the environment, further proof of the validity of the Sport Utility Yacht concept.