Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

After the six world premieres presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival, Ferretti Group displayed at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept 28-Oct 1 its offer in the super and mega yacht segment.

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 4

(Photos: Ferretti Group - Custom Line Navetta 37)

The attractions starred at the show were the models of the brands CRN, Riva, Pershing and Custom Line, which celebrates 20 years of history and success with the new Navetta 37, flagship of the semi-displacement fleet, on display in Monaco after having conquered the audience of the Cannes Yachting Festival Sept 6-11. 

During the press conference that took place in the opening morning of the show, Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi illustrated, together with Commercial Director Stefano de Vivo, the Group's development plan in the super and mega yacht segment, hosted in the yard of Ancona, Italy. The yard became, with a major investment on production capacity, the "Superyacht Yard" of the Ferretti and the new centre of excellence of Ferretti Group for the production of ships in composite and light alloy from 30 to 90 metres in length, and is destined to become one of the greatest production plants of this type in Europe.

"We believe in the potential of the segment of super and mega yachts. We have invested heavily in recent years to expand Riva’s and Pershing’s offer in this market and we are extending and completely renewing the Navetta fleet of Custom Line,” says Galassi. “Moreover, regarding CRN, we are obtaining a steady growth in revenues and we have expanded the range of naval platforms and design alternatives are all completely custom made. The commitment and resources devoted to the production plant in Ancona today allow us to give birth to the new ‘Superyachts Yard’ of Ferretti Group that will represent the naval excellence of our Group in the field of super yachts, semi-displacement vessels and fully custom mega yachts: flagships of the Italian naval industry, synthesis of luxury, innovation and technology."

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 8

This year €2,5 million have already been allocated for the shipyard’s further development and the amount will reach 20 million euros by the end of 2020. This investment will fund the modernisation of equipment already in use and the realisation of new infrastructure on the ground and in the sea in order to further facilitate new models’ construction and the development of refitting activities.

The Group’s super and mega yachts segment generated in 2015 an order intake around €87 million, resulting in a year end forecast of strong growth, expected to reach €201 million of order intake, of which more than half has been already acquired as of Aug 31. As for the year of 2017, the Group expects to continue the progressive growth. In 2015, the yard in Ancona has achieved a production value of over €61 million and expects to close 2016 with a value of production twice that amount, approximately 132 million euros. 

During the press conference, in addition to the new Navetta 37, the evolution of the semi-displacement Custom Line fleet has been presented, through the introduction of the new Navetta 33 and the future flagship Navetta 42, currently in the early stages of construction at the "Superyacht Yard" of Ancona and to debut in 2018. 

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 7

The Navetta 37 is 37.04 metres (121.6ft) long with a maximum beam of eight metres (26.3ft). It features a new semi-planing hull with a bulbous bow that ensures the utmost efficiency in any sea conditions, while offering the option of five engine configurations.

The Navetta 37 impresses with its clean lines, well-balanced spaces and meticulous attention to every detail, which makes it an incredibly innovative yacht with a timeless style. Created from the collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, which the Ferretti Group includes Piero Ferrari, the Engineering Department and the Zuccon International Project Studio, this yacht features harmonious contours and stylistic features unseen before.

Its clean, streamlined, light design also conveys great stability and strength. The front of the hull rises up to the first superstructure level. This adds a sense of power and character to the bow, giving this superyacht an imposing presence on the water too.

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 5

The large control room with built-in bridge covers the bow area on the upper deck: it is equipped with five monitors, including two multi-touch screens, which enables effortless control of the main on-board systems. Two exits onto the walkways provide access to the external manoeuvring stations.

It is equipped with the Votis infotainment system, which replaces all the remote controls for the various devices with a single unit and can be extended to the automation system in every area on the yacht. What's more, Owners and guests can manage it with their smartphones or tablets.

This new superyacht represents a major step forward in terms of acoustic comfort. In addition to a special flexible joint in the transmission lines that absorbs vibrations from the axis line, the Ferretti Group engineers have worked with specialists to design innovative solutions minimising the impact of sound through targeted mathematical analysis conducted for each source of noise and its on-board location.

Damping treatments have been carried throughout glued tiles, which significantly reduce noise and vibrations. The installation of a floating floor beneath the parquet layer also helps reduce the transmission of sound from the engine room to the living areas on the lower and upper decks, while softening footfall.

The Navetta 37 is installed with a silencer system, which acoustically insulates external areas, in particular the cockpit, against noise from the generators and gensets in the engine room. The concept of comfort and safety is also an important goal when at anchor with the electro-hydraulic stabilising fins, featuring both underway and zero speed modes, which reduce rolling and are standard. Gyroscopic stabilisers can also be added upon request. 

The press conference ended with a major announcement for Pershing: the first unit of Pershing 140 has been sold. This event marks the debut of the coupe icon with great performance in the light alloy superyachts’ segment. The new model, under construction in Ancona, will be launched in 2018.

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 1

(Pershing 140)

The new flagship of the fleet, the first to be built in light alloy, won the heart of a yacht Owner from continental Europe who, like every Pershing enthusiast, has been seduced by its sporty, powerful lines and many innovative on-board features as well as its outstanding performance at every level. 

“The news of the sale of the first Pershing 140 makes us happy and proud for many different reasons,” comments Galassi. “This new flagship shows above all that Pershing has entered a new era of design and construction, combining the drive for innovation, written into its DNA from birth, with the know-how gained during 30 years of being on the cutting edge. This sale is also the strongest confirmation of the success of the growth and development strategies for Pershing, Riva and Custom Line in the superyachts division, a booming market on which our iconic brands are achieving brilliant commercial successes. This is why we have invested heavily and will continue to invest in the Ancona shipyard, a dedicated centre of industrial excellence for the production of CRN, Riva, Custom Line and Pershing super and mega yachts. The new 140-foot yacht will be entirely built at this facility.”

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold 2

Pershing 140 is born from the collaboration between the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, its Engineering Department and the architect Filvio De Simoni. It features ultra-sleek lines to match the brand’s sporty spirit, that brings to mind the exterior of coupe cars, underscoring the racing character always so popular with Pershing yacht Owners. Besides, its profile is enriched by several design elements, some entirely new and others displaying a family feeling with the brand’s latest models.

The first Pershing 140 will be fitter with four MTU M94 engines, 2600HP each, enabling a top speed of 38 knots. Two alternative configurations are also available, both equipped with MTU 4000 M93L engines, 12V (for 3,460HP) or 16V (for 4,613HP). Thanks to the hydrojet drive, the new flagship will achieve top performances at cruising speeds, including at maximum speed, which can reach up to 24 knots with the 12V MTU, and up to 33 knots with the more powerful engines.

Navetta 37 Debuts In Monaco And First Pershing 140 Sold

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