Published: Monday, 31 October 2016

Day 3 of the Volvo China Coast Regatta Oct 22-24 kicked off with racing east of Tung Lung Chau. With the north-easterly breeze at 6-8 knots, it was decided to send the entire fleet on a windward leeward for the first race of the day. The shorter Q1 course with two laps was chosen to make sure boats had ample time to finish and then continue to an islands race.

Zannekin Triumphs At Volvo China Coast Regatta

(Photos: Guy Nowell / RHKYC - Volvo China Coast Regatta)

IRC Racer 0, 1 and IRC Premier Cruiser were sent on a 6.6nm course with 1.65nm mile legs. Race 5 for IRC Racer 0 was the first start at 10:30am. A moment after the start, the individual recall was signalled. Ker 46 Zannekin, fearing it was marginally over the line, came back at once, but it was actually the TP52 FreeFire who was already a distance away from the start line who was early. After a second radio call from the committee boat, FreeFire returned to restart considerably trailing the rest of the fleet. 

Race 5 for IRC 1 started shortly after with another individual recall for the Mills 40 Straight Up, GTS 43 Mandrake III and the Ker Custom 42 Black Baza. All boats quickly returned to the line and restarted. With the suboptimal start, Mandrake III and Straight Up pushed their boats to gain back valuable ground to take first and second on handicap by the end of the race.

Zannekin Triumphs At Volvo China Coast Regatta 2

Race 4 for IRC Premier Cruiser began at 10:44am. The Beneteau 50 Lighthorse sailed another great race to keep up its weekend flush!

IRC Racer 2, 3 and HKPN divisions were sent on a 5nm course with 1.3nm legs. Just before IRC Racer 2 started, the AP was hoisted to allow the race committee time to adjust the top mark. After a brief delay, the AP was removed and IRC Racer 2 went into their sequence and started at 11:00. Continuing with the theme of the morning, an individual recall was signalled for China Cup No.33, who quickly returned to restart. This was its first race of the regatta as it was delayed in delivering its boat to Hong Kong due to Typhoon Haima. Race 5 for IRC Racer 3 started shortly after at 11:06am. The division seemed to be relieved to have their own start with fewer boats to contend with on the line. HKPN set off shortly after at 11:12am.

Zannekin Triumphs At Volvo China Coast Regatta 3

With the wind gradually swinging to an easterly breeze of 100° and 6-7 knots, the islands course 15 was chosen for all divisions. After many individual recalls during the starts for the first race of the day, if was great to see clear starts for all divisions for the islands race. The 14nm race started in 6 knots of breeze with IRC Racer 0 heading off at 12:18pm followed by separate starts for each division. The fleet beat to Club Mark 16, followed by a broad reach keeping South Nine Pin to starboard, followed a beat keeping East Ninepin to port, followed by another reach to Club Mark 17 and downwind to Steep Island and a beat to the finish off Tung Lung Chau East. 

“With less wind than we had anticipated today and a rather shifty breeze that rotated from 060° to 130° we were very happy to get in a windward leeward and an islands race in for all classes,” says Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen. “I am also extremely relieved we were able to get out for all three days of racing considering the two typhoons that were affecting the area in the lead up to Volvo China Coast Regatta. We have been very fortunate to have had breeze, clear skies and flat water for this regatta!”

Zannekin Triumphs At Volvo China Coast Regatta 4

The Volvo China Coast Regatta Gala Prize Giving Dinner was held on the final day on Kellett Island to celebrate the glories of the teams.

Final result of the regatta:

IRC Racer 0 Division:
1. Zannekin – Marcel Liedts
2. Standard Insurance Centennial – Ernesto Echauz
3. FreeFire – Sam Chan 

IRC Racer 1 Division:

1. Mandrake III – Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth
2. Black Baza – Steve Manning/Anthony Root
3. Signal 8 – Hanning/Jacobs/Kendall/MacWilliam/Pender 

IRC Racer 2 Division:

1. Hero Racing Team – Tiffany Koo
2. Sell Side Dream – Simon Powell
3. Seawolf – William Liu

IRC Racer 3 Division:

1. Dexter II – Lowell Chang
2. Whiskey Jack – Nick Southward
3. Andiamo – John Woo 

IRC Premier Division:

1. Lighthorse – Shawn Kang
2. Moonblue 2 – Peter Churchhouse
3. Clove Hitch – Alex Yu

HKPN Division:

1. Kiasu – Herman Wong/Yves Milot
2. Lisa Elaine – Carl Wilkinson
3. Darling – Dean Chisholm