Published: Tuesday, 01 November 2016

The AkzoNobel team will be on deck in Superyacht Pavilion Booth 609 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Nov 3-7 in Florida, the US to talk with show attendees about premium products in the Interlux range and Awlgrip range.

Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs

(Images: AkzoNobel - Micron 99)

Interlux Micron 99

Developed especially to meet the high-performance demands of the yacht market and to be applied only by professional paint applicators on boats over 82 feet, Micron 99 is a premium Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) type antifouling with ultimate multi-season performance in salt, brackish and fresh waters. The high-solid, low V.O.C. formula helps boatyards meet local air-quality regulations.

Micron 99 with Biolux technology is a Self Polishing Copolymer for continuous polishing to help minimise drag, maximise speed and increase fuel efficiency. It delivers outstanding, long-lasting protection (including up to 12 months out-of-the-water exposure time) in the harshest conditions, proven on power and sailing yachts. 

Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs 2

(Micron WA)

New Interlux Micron WA

Micron WA (Water-Activated) is the newest addition to AkzoNobel’s Interlux industry leading Micron Technology product range. It is a showcase antifouling paint that offers long-lasting, multi-seasonal protection in a water-based formulation. Micron WA combines powerful antifouling performance while reducing impact on the environment; leaving a smooth, clean hull. Ideal for cruise, power and sail boats and suitable for all waters.

Using a novel paint technology called Water Activated Matrix, Micron WA delivers a crisp, vibrant colour and uniform appearance to provide a striking, attractive finish, while at the same time, efficiently releasing the active ingredients to deliver powerful antifouling performance.

Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs 3

(InterProtect HS)

Interlux InterProtect HS

InterProtect HS is a versatile, cost-effective, two-part epoxy that meets the most restrictive V.O.C. regulations and helps reduce solvent emissions into the environment. It can be used above and below the waterline as a primer for all substrates.

The high solids formula requires fewer coats to reach the desired dry film thickness. An underwater barrier system applied either by roller/brush or airless spray can be achieved in just seven mils Dry Film Thickness (DFT). 

InterProtect HS uses Micro-Plate Technology, which substantially reduces water migration through the epoxy to the hull surface and provides protection from corrosion for all metals. It can also be used as part of a gelcoat blister repair or prevention system and as an alternative no-sand primer on new, or never-been-painted fibreglass boats.


Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs 6

(Awlgrip Awlcraft SE)

Awlgrip Awlcraft SE

Awlcraft SE is a revolutionary topcoat encompassing metallic pearls and effect pigments and is fast drying with excellent opacity. It is designed to work as one layer of a multi-part system. The Awlcraft SE imparts the colour and effect and is then top-coated with a clear high gloss finish topcoat to give gloss and protection. This combination forms a high performance, high gloss, durable topcoat system. 

Available for new custom or production builds, or refits, the Awlcraft SE range offers Owners a great choice from over thousands of standard colours, as well as custom colours to match any colour imaginable. 


Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs

(Awlgrip Awlcat #5)

Awlgrip Awlcat #5 Low VOC converter for Awlcraft 2000

Fast-drying, easy to apply, Awlcat #5 is an optimised, easy to use spray converter with reduced VOC content, for use with Awlcraft 2000 topcoats. When Awlcat #5 is used in conjunction with Awlcraft 2000, the result is an improved look over the already outstanding finish. 

Awlcat #5 is used and mixed with Awlcraft 2000 topcoat bases in the same way as the standard converter, so there's no change to the way one works.

Akzonobel To Present Awlgrip And Interlux Products At Flibs 5

(Awlgrip Awlwood exterior clear system)

Awlgrip Awlwood exterior clear system

Containing a unique patented resin technology, Awlgrip Awlwood offers outstanding performance and retains the same gloss, Depth of Image (DOI) and natural appearance as when first applied. The cost-effective above the waterline solution is available in Satin Matt for both interior and exterior usage.

The primer incorporates Flex-Link technology to lock directly onto the wood structure, even on tropical hardwoods. This results in superior flexibility and provides the perfect base for the finish. The superior system lasts up to four times longer compared to traditional varnishes.