Published: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thailand shipyard Bakri Cono at PMG Marine Complex has launched three catamarans – one Power Cat Heliotrope 48, one Sailing Catamaran Island Spirit 38 and a 55ft Multi Transport Vessel (MTV) with 48-VIP-seat configuration.

Bakri Cono Launches Three Catamarans In Thailand

(Photos: Bakri Cono - Heliotrope 48)

All the new boats are available for visit and sea trials at the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show Nov 24-27. 

The Heliotrope 48 and the Island Spirit 38 will join various charter operations in Thailand and the MTV 55 will cruise to her Owner in Cambodia.

The MTV 55 has been designed to host solar panels on the roof, which are capable of generating up to 6 kW/hour of pure clean energy. This energy is used to supply power to electrical components onboard the MTV, and additional energy is stored in the onboard battery bank, which could be utilised for electrical propulsion, navigation equipment, lifesaving equipment and more.

Bakri Cono Launches Three Catamarans In Thailand.

The solar energy is not only limited to use onboard the MTV 55, but also utilised as a source of energy for resorts in remote locations or where solar farms are not a viable option. The power is supplied through a grid.