Published: Wednesday, 09 November 2016

The Benetti Vivace 125' 38m M/Y Ironman has won the Best Power Design Award in the category 24 to 40-metre yachts, promoted by the International Superyacht Society. 

Benetti Ironman Wins The Iss Design Award 2016

(Photos: Benetti - Benetti Vivace 125' M/Y Ironman)

At the International Superyacht Society (ISS) Annual Gala for Design & Leadership held Nov 2 at the Broward Centre for the Performing Arts in the US, Benetti was one of the evening’s main protagonists.

Benetti Ironman Wins The Iss Design Award 2016 2

Ironman is the first of five Class Fast Displacement Vivace 125' yachts sold; a 38-metre semi-widebody with three decks plus the sun deck. The yachts is characterised by a modern design and packed with high-tech content. The Award is a recognition of the collaboration between Benetti and designers Stefano Righini – who developed the exterior design – and interior designer Alfred Karram Jr – in charge of all the internal design. Sold to a young Owner, Ironman interiors were inspired by the famous cartoon hero, an inventor in love with technology, hence a very modern style, aesthetically innovative. 

The yacht’s technical performance is excellent too: the D2P_Displacement to Planing hull form with wave piercer is also equipped with an innovative series of Azipods – developed by the shipyard in collaboration with Rolls-Royce – that allows the boat to cruise both in low consumption displacement mode for leisurely voyages, as well as at faster speeds, up to a maximum of 24 knots, without compromising on comfort. 

Benetti Ironman Wins The Iss Design Award 2016 1

Benetti Vivace 125' 38m M/Y Ironman will be featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Asia-Pacific Boating magazine.

Check out the video about M/Y Ironman: