Published: Monday, 07 November 2016

All boats have now crossed the finish line in the 390nm Category 1 offshore Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan Race Nov 3-6, which was organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Black Baza Wins Irc Overall At Hong Kong To Hainan Race 3

(Photos: Guy Nowell / RHKYC - Hong Kong to Hainan Race 2016)

The smallest and final boat in the fleet from the IRC Racer 2 division to finish was Kjartan Furset’s Sunfast 3600 Ymir at 23:04:00 on Saturday night. Also from IRC Racer 2, Adrian Bell’s Azuree 46 Outlaw crossed the line five and a half hours before Ymir at 17:39:10 taking the win in their division. Outlaw had a very nice breeze coming into Sanya of 8-10kts, unlike the earlier arrivals into Sanya. 

“The race was a bit tough in the beginning; very bumpy seas,” says Furset. “It took a bit to get used to the boat in these conditions as it was our first real big downwind race. Surprisingly it wasn't very wet on board - the Rolex China Sea Race was far wetter this year. The first night was a bit rough but the rest of the sail was beautiful. The highlight of our race was surfing down the waves in the big rolling swell. Our top speed was around 18 or 19kts. One thing I wish we had done before the race was to spend more time on crew training; we tore a spinnaker and it would have been good to be more prepared for this. The last two days of the race were absolutely beautiful, nice breeze, very very nice sailing.” 

Black Baza Wins Irc Overall At Hong Kong To Hainan Race

IRC Racer 0 was won by Sam Chan’s TP52 FreeFire on corrected time of 1d 18h 24m 21s after a fantastic run. Seng Huang Lee’s 100ft Super Maxi Scallywag came in second in IRC 0, took Line Honours and cemented themselves in the record books with a record of 25h 22m 33s after a very quick race with top speeds of a 34kts!

IRC Overall and IRC Racer 1 was won by Anthony Root’s Ker Custom 42 Black Baza after a cracking race, it arrived at 23:09:54 on Friday night ahead of the last IRC 0 boat, Ernesto Echauz’s TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial.

Black Baza Wins Irc Overall At Hong Kong To Hainan Race 2

At 12:51:52hrs Hong Kong time Nov 3, Seng Huang Lee's 100ft Super Maxi Scallywag sliced 2h 22m 41s off the previous Hong Kong to Hainan Race record. The previous race record of 25h 54m 33s was set in 2014 by Karl Kwok’s TP52 Beau Geste. The new Volvo Hong Kong to Hainan race record now stands at an impressive 23h 31m 52s!

This is the second record of the season for Scallywag who recently broke the monohull record for the New Caledonia Race Sept 25-Oct 1. From Sanya, Scallywag will continue to Australia to take part in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starting Dec 26.

Black Baza Wins Irc Overall At Hong Kong To Hainan Race 7

“We are extremely happy with the result. It was very rough out there last night, we are happy to have made it to Sanya safe and sound,” Scallywag’s Owner Seng Huang Lee comments on the race. “We had sunshine, we had darkness we had rough seas and strong winds. It was a great race. We are now really looking forward to heading to the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race now!”

Black Baza Wins Irc Overall At Hong Kong To Hainan Race 9