Published: Monday, 14 November 2016

Codecasa launched the Codecasa 43 Full Beam – Vintage Series – Hull F76 last June, the design of which was developed starting from the platform of the Codecasa 42 – Vintage Series, of which it can be considered as a natural evolution. 

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(Photos: 3dSign / Codecasa - Codecasa 43 Full Beam – Vintage Series – Hull F76)

The new Codecasa 43 Full Beam, thanks to its overall length increased of about half a metre in the aft area with respect to the Codecasa 42, offers more comfortable working and service areas around the tender installed in the aft garage.

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(Upper deck)

The Interiors of this yacht were designed by Tommaso Spadolini who, with the co-operation of the in-house technical staff, got down to work and developed a totally new layout, designed on purpose for Hull F76. The interiors feature soft and neutral colors of the oak wood, marble and fabrics used everywhere onboard, which give a sober and rich elegance to the Yacht. 

As far as the Owner’s areas are concerned, the major innovation is the full beam layout of the Owner’s Suite, located forward on the Main Deck as on the two Codecasa 42’s, but featuring larger spaces than on these two units, enabling to add also a private office inside the Owner’s apartment.

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(Main saloon)

Going up to the Bridge Deck, the Captain’s Cabin with its en-suite bathroom is adjacent the wheelhouse. On the Codecasa 43 Full Beam, therefore, the Captain has his own cabin in direct contact with the bridge and separate from the other four crew cabins in the Lower Deck, all of them for the yacht staff. Larger and brighter hallways and a panoramic staircase connect the three interior decks. Bigger windows than the ones of the Codecasa 42 are the key features of all areas, from the Owner’s Suite up to the main deck and bridge deck salons. 

The shipyard’s designers did not overlooked the exterior decks either and they did their best to make them even more comfortable and equipped: an exterior living area with sofas, settees and tables in fact has been created in the Portuguese Bridge forward the wheelhouse, obtaining a private and reserved space, useful when the yacht is moored at the dock. The sun deck is equipped with a Jacuzzi tub, installed far forward.

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(Master's stateroom)

Equipped with two Caterpillar 3512C main engines (1.650Hp each at 1,800rpm), able to reach a top speed of 16.5 knots in light displacement conditions and a range of 4,000 nautical miles at the cruising speed of 11 knots, the Codecasa 43 Full Beam – Vintage Series, same as the two previous units of Codecasa 42, is another achievement for Codecasa Shipyards, able to assure a safe and comfortable cruising in any weather and sea conditions, with interior volumes slightly under 500 tons GRT, remarkable exterior spaces, clean and elegant lines, reasonable consumptions and high building standards.

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(Sun deck)

Check out the video about the launch of Codecasa 43 Full Beam: