Published: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hong Kong shipyard Kraken Yachts Chariman Dick Beaumont has sailed his latest production – Kraken 66 White Dragon on her maiden voyage from Taiwan to Hong Kong. The yacht is now in Hong Kong and provides trial sails to prospective customers and the media until Dec 23.

Kraken 66 White Dragon Sails From Taiwan To Hong Kong 3

(Photos: Kraken Yachts - Kraken 66 White Dragon)

“In a true wind speed of 12-15 knots, she averaged 9 knots over the first 30 hours. Hard on the wind – under full main and blade jib – she made 8.5 knots with the toe rail more than a foot clear of the sea,” says Beaumont. “While with 14 guys sitting on the stern and reaching at 10 knots, no water came over the lip of the transom! Her biggest attribute proved to be a wonderfully steady and solid motion. Life below decks – both in the galley or asleep in the berths – was really easy and made for very comfortable cruising. “

“I might give up race boats if cruising yachts sail like this. 10 knots boat speed in 15 knots of wind is pretty impressive,” adds Grant McKinnon of Southern Spars, which is the supplier of White Dragon’s carbon fibre rig.

Kraken 66 White Dragon Sails From Taiwan To Hong Kong 4

“She sails with the motion and stability of a yacht twice her size,” says Rod Taylor of On Board Systems Ltd, which supplies the yacht’s hydraulic sail systems.