Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016

Yachting Partners International (YPI) has presented the latest design from Viareggio-based Horacio Bozzo Design, and renowned French shipyard, JFA Yachts, for the 38-metre explorer yacht Arcana, packed with new technology and based on an environmentally respectful concept by Hansen Marine Exploration.

Ypi Presents 38m Arcana With Horacio Bozzo Jfa Shipyard 5

(Photos: YPI - 38-metre explorer yacht Arcana)

Key features of Arcana:

- Eco-friendly design, with minimum emissions and noise (green and clean ship certifications)
- Exceptional comfort, stability and safety with state-of-the-art propulsion and roll suppression systems
- Dynamic positioning and maneuverability using azimuth thrusters
- Equipment and facilities for submarine exploration, including an innovative yacht submarine launching and recovery platform
- A luxury yacht with real explorer technology and capability 

Arcana is designed for those searching for an efficient, environmentally respectful and highly-performance explorer, built to the highest of commercial and yachting standards, at a size that offers volume and comfort with exceptional maneuverability and stability for access to the most shallow of ports and anchorages without impacting the environment.

Ypi Presents 38m Arcana With Horacio Bozzo Jfa Shipyard 4

“There is an increasing demand from Owners for yachts with enough range and technical capability to allow them to enjoy their yachting much further afield than the usual Mediterranean and Caribbean destinations,” explains YPI Commercial & Marketing Director Mark Duncan. “There are many yachts on the market today that are tentatively being offered to potential buyers as ‘explorer yachts’ when in fact they are nothing of the sort. Arcana is not only a real explorer yacht (with potential ice-class capacity) and a ground-breaking multi-purpose submarine launch, it is also an acutely well-conceived design packed with technology and innovation to allow for environmentally efficient worldwide cruising and exploration with the comfort, space and luxury you would expect from the finest luxury yacht build.”

Multi-award winning naval architect and designer Horacio Bozzo, known for his stunning work on the 70m M/Y Numptia and 54m M/Y Forever One, describes Arcana as a vessel with the DNA of a real explorer and the charm and comfort of a yacht.

Ypi Presents 38m Arcana With Horacio Bozzo Jfa Shipyard 2

“Hansen Marine Exploration commissioned us to design an expedition yacht to safely and efficiently explore the oceans with minimum impact to the environment,” he explains. “They also wanted it to include facilities for a three-seater submarine with a mechanical system that could launch and recover the sub without any need for a traditional crane, thus avoiding an excessive angle of heel. We have engineered a solution that not only provides easy and safe access for guests to the sub but which also provides the base for a water slide, a springboard and which can even act as a secondary passerrelle.”

The proprietary system works by raising the sub, which is connected to the platform, with arms that carry it up and over the stern bulwark with zero yacht heel, as the movement is forward aft, thus allowing the pitch of the yacht to compensate for the weight of the sub. The platform arms stop when the sub is at a safe distance from the water, and it is then lowered using a winch fitted within the platform. To raise the level of safety, guests board the sub when on deck before it is launched.

Ypi Presents 38m Arcana With Horacio Bozzo Jfa Shipyard 1

For YPI Sales Director Russell Crump, and lead broker representing Arcana, a lot of thought went into ensuring the vessel functions in harmony with the nature around her. “Her Dynamic Positioning allows Arcana to stay on location without anchors, so no damage is caused to fragile sea beds such as coral reefs. Her shallow draft combined with the exceptional maneuverability provided by her azimuth propellers, makes her remarkably suited to the safe exploration of near shore areas, rivers and lagoons. With added Ice Class certification, Arcana can further venture into the icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctica. And in fact, considerations for the environment go further,” he adds. “With the inclusion of an efficient and compact state-of-the-art diesel-electric power system providing power flexibility and fuel efficiency. Arcana is not just another explorer yacht, she is a smart and beautiful exploration vessel.”

For Eric Hansen of Hansen Marine Exploration, the company behind the Arcana concept, having respect for the environment doesn’t only apply to how the yacht performs at sea.

Ypi Presents 38m Arcana With Horacio Bozzo Jfa Shipyard 3

“We wanted to revisit the concept of an exploration yacht in a gentleman’s spirit, holding values of respect and elegance. Respect for nature and the environment, respect for culture and tradition, respect for sound marine engineering and a true passion for yachting and the sea. Elegance with a clever and fit-for-purpose yacht design, elegance with ingenuity and innovation in design, elegance with the discrete refinement of the lines and interiors,” says Hansen. “Arcana has been able to reduce, as much as possible, her ecological footprint, from conception to operation. She complies with the most stringent environmental protection requirements of the maritime industry, starting with the latest IMO Tier 3 Emissions regulation, even though such significant limitations of engine emissions are not mandatory in this size range. This goes along with the sourcing of materials, teak for instance, from sustainable origins, the use of non-toxic antifouling coating for the hull and a complete self-contained sewage and garbage system to avoid dumping grey water in pristine seas.”

“Horacio Bozzo has really endorsed the Arcana philosophy and JFA Yachts immediately took to the design, they have been very responsive to the philosophy and technology of Arcana. I have a lot of respect for JFA and particularly their CEO Frédéric Jaouen. This is a boutique shipyard where you get the full attention of everyone including Fred, someone noticeably passionate about the quality and reliability of all his ships. The yard has a well-deserved reputation for delivering extremely well-finished sailing and motor yachts with the sort of reliability you would expect for boats designed to cruise the world. It was a natural partner for Arcana.”