Published: Friday, 23 December 2016

Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore’s Mainboard-listed company, Addvalue Technologies Ltd – has launched its latest generation maritime communications system specifically developed for Inmarsat – Wideye iFleetONE. 

Addvalue Launches Maritime Communications System Wideye Ifleetone 1

(Photos: Addvalue - Wideye iFleetONE)

The Wideye iFleetONE, with its compact design catering to the needs of small and mid-sized fishing and leisure vessels, has built-in Wi-Fi to allow users to maintain connection, via smart phones, tablets or laptops, to useful applications, such as weather chart updates and fish catch reporting. The Wideye iFleetONE makes it easy to talk, text, as well as sending and receiving emails while out in the open sea with the ease of one’s mobile devices. 

“As this new offering is customised to the specific needs of the end users, in line with our Commercial Refocusing strategy, we are confident that it will be a right fit in addressing the targeted market segment,” says Addvalue Chairman and CEO Dr Colin Chan Kum Lok. 

In conjunction with the launch of the new product, Addvalue is sponsoring a two-member crew team, with the Rowing From Home To Home Expedition, its Wideye iFleetONE maritime communications system as the team attempts to voyage from Singapore to New Zealand using a rowing boat as its main mode of transport.

Addvalue Launches Maritime Communications System Wideye Ifleetone

As the entire expedition is human-powered with no engines, sails or parachutes, the need for a reliable satellite communications system on board is critical. With a free 505 emergency calling service which enables the crew to maintain communication during an emergency, Wideye iFleetONE also allows the team to receive weather updates out in the sea on a daily basis and the crew to communicate with friends and family by tweeting and blogging almost instantly.

“I am glad to have found a reputable and reliable company like Addvalue to sponsor us with a satellite communications system like Wideye iFleetONE,” exclaims Expedition Founder Grant Axe Rawlinson. “The system certainly serves a very critical communication role in our expedition. This takes a huge load off my mind and I can set off anytime now.”

“This is probably the first time a maritime broadband product is used in such an arduous human expedition,” adds Addvaule Chief Operating and Technology Officer Tan Khai Pang. “I believe Mr Grant and his partner will surmount all challenges while the iFleetONE communication system shall keep them connected with the rest of the world at all times and under all weather conditions throughout their expedition.”