Published: Monday, 19 December 2016

Hudson Yacht Group (HYG) has established a new Florida-based Sales and Service Center, which will occupy 1,000sqft office space with a wide berth on the waterfront at the Jupiter Marine Yacht Club, and will serve as the Chinese company's US headquarters. It will be located at 400 South Highway 1, Suite 3, Jupiter, Florida.

Hudson Yacht Group Establishes Us Based Sales And Service Centre

(Photos: HYG - Jupiter)

Sales and Service Director Dan Sammis will spearhead the Jupiter operation, while HYG President Paul Hakes will split time between the US Sales and Service Centre and the Hudson Yacht production Facility in Xiamen.

"This is a huge move for our company," says Hakes, reflecting on the announcement. "We've been building boats for the US/Caribbean market now for nearly eight years. It's always been a part of our overall plan, and we've finally arrived at the point where we feel it's necessary to have a US base to better serve our clients. Jupiter is a beautiful area, and the facilities there are second-to-none. The yacht services in the area are expanding rapidly. We're thrilled to be able to offer new and existing clients a convenient sales and service stopover on the East coast."

Hudson Yacht Group Establishes Us Based Sales And Service Centre.

The Jupiter Sales and Service Centre will be the warranty and service hub for HYG’s six brands. Collectively, HYG has produced nearly 60 privately owned yachts over the previous eight years. Included in that number are 10 high-performance luxury cruising cats whose main migratory path takes them past Florida each year as they travel from New England to the Caribbean. In conjunction with partner yards in South Florida, the Jupiter Service Centre will handle any warranty and/or service issues that arise.

“It's always good to have a trusted service centre nearby,” comments HH Catamarans Commissioning Captain Chris Bailet. “These boats are always on the move, covering thousands of miles each year. Knowing that HYG has a base on the Eastern seaboard is very comforting. Being able to drop in for service or refit work will be key for our catamaran Owners and crew." 

Hudson Yacht Group Establishes Us Based Sales And Service Centre 1.