Published: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Dubai Canal project can provide yachting enthusiasts a chance to enjoy protective waterway cruising in the heart of Dubai, according to United Arab Emirates shipyard Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps.

Dubai Canal Brings Protective Waterway Travel To Uae

(Photos: Gulf Craft - Nomad 55)

“The Dubai Canal will enable existing and aspiring yacht Owners to experience the yachting lifestyle without having to venture out into the open seas, eliminating the barrier often associated with fear of navigation and seasickness,” says Bamps. “This project is essentially changing the landscape of boating in the UAE, creating a waterway in the center of new communities, similar to other cruising sanctuaries found in modern cities around the world, such as the beautiful waterways adjoining the Sydney Harbour.”

With a width ranging from 80 metres to 120 metres, the 3.2km Dubai Canal allows boats up to 32 metres in length and 8.5 metres in height to pass through its waterways at a maximum speed of seven knots. 

Dubai Canal Brings Protective Waterway Travel To Uae 2

Marasi Business Bay, which will span 12km of waterfront promenade and host five marinas with 1,250 berths, will benefit from the project for it provides the yachting destination a gateway.

More than 1,600 parking spots under the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge in the Business Bay, Safa areas and the waterway itself are opened so visitors can part their cars on either side of the canal or take other kinds of transports. The increased accessibility is believed to enhance the potential of turning the project into a yachting destination and tourist attraction.

Dubai Canal Brings Protective Waterway Travel To Uae 3

(Gulf Craft CEO Erwin Bamps)

Visitors of Gulf Craft’s exclusive sunset cruise on Nomad 55 can enjoy Dubai’s skyline. The yacht features a large flybridge, two electric balconies on the main deck, an exquisite saloon, a spacious galley and four guest cabins.

“Our Nomad Yachts series, which include the Nomad 55, 65, 75, and 95, takes the five-star loft experience into the water, allowing passengers to take in the magical Dubai Canal surroundings from the comfort of a fully-equipped yacht,” says Bamps. “The range excels both in engineering and design, providing commodious areas for lounging and entertainment, and offering the perfect venue for celebrating special moments with friends and loved ones against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s moving landscapes.”