Published: Monday, 12 December 2016

McConaghy and Botin Partners are working on new 40ft IRC race yachts targeted at the growing FAST40+ circuit. The construction is requested by Ancasta Race Boats. The yachts will be built at the McConaghy shipyard in China.

Mcconaghy To Build Botin40 Limited Edition

(Photos: McConaghy - Botin40+)

This new yacht will be a limited edition with only three hulls available from the tooling, the costs of which will be equally shared by the three buyers. World-renowned composite engineers Pure Design & Engineering have been contracted for the composite engineering of the yacht.

The yacht will be built in prepreg carbon, from CNC cut, female, high temperature tooling. Underdeck systems come as standard and there is an extensive list of factory fitted options available from the McConaghy build library including sheet reelers, take down systems, deflector drums, precision foils, bulbs and more.

Mcconaghy To Build Botin40 Limited Edition 1

Over the past 20+ years, Botin Partners have been one of the dominant forces in the TP, Mini-maxi and IRC fleets.

Meanwhile, RS Sailing has established a new partnering with McConaghy for the build of a selection of RS Sailing's small boat and keelboat range. McConaghy will be the build partner for the RS Elite, the RS 500, the majority of RS Sailing's foils and other projects.

Production will be at the same facility that McConaghy is already building for many of the world's leading brands, including its partnership as builder of the MACH2 foiling moth and the WASZP foiling moth.

Mcconaghy To Build Botin40 Limited Edition 3

"We are thrilled to be partnering with McConaghy. Their reputation for excellence, their experience in high end composite manufacturing, and the fact that many of our customers already know and trust the McConaghy brand made this an easy decision for us and is what makes this partnership so exciting for the future,” says RS Sailing Managing Director Alex Newton-Southon.