Published: Thursday, 22 December 2016

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) has welcomed the Sri Lankan marine industry association Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute (BTI) as its 36th national member, which was decided on Sunday Nov 13 at ICOMIA meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

Sri Lanka Bti Joins Icomia As 36th National Member 2

(Photos: BTI - BTI logo)

Made up of 32 members representing boat, ship other craft manufacturers, service providers and traders in boat and ship building, engine and allied trades, BTI aims to lead the Sri Lankan boat and shipbuilding industry towards achieving international standards.

Since inception in 2006, BTI has developed many initiatives to benefit the industry and its membership, including launching the country’s first boat exhibition in 2008 – an event that continues to takes place every two years – to provide a forum for its manufacturers, service providers and traders in the boat building sector wishing to display their manufacturing and supply capabilities as well as negotiate local sales and exports. BTI’s efforts have ensured the industry’s exports have increased from 2.4 Mn USD in 2008 to around 80 Mn USD in 2014.

Other initiatives include providing high-quality training and consultancy, which conform to German standards in boat building technology, to existing boat builders as well as to newcomers.

Sri Lanka Bti Joins Icomia As 36th National Member 1

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“Being a fully equipped, well structured, self-sustained professional centre, we continue to promote superior quality boat building technology in Sri Lanka, ensuring significantly improved profitability of the industry,” says BTI Managing Director Gamini B Herath. 

To meet the requirements of full membership in ICOMIA, applicants must be a national marine industry association and legally incorporated. After meeting the criteria, BTI brings the number of full ICOMIA members to 36, spanning across 34 countries globally. ICOMIA’s members include marine industry associations from the vast majority of industrialised countries from North America across to Japan and from Finland down to New Zealand.

“We very much look forward to working with BTI in the development of the Sri Lankan market,” says ICOMIA Secretary General Udo Kleinitz. “By working with our members in Asia, we can help them influence national and local industry and authorities in order to create recommendations on how to develop and grow recreational boating in the region”.