Published: Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) has announced the construction of a new one-off unit of 42 metres and 499 GRT, boosting its performance in the market of steel Explorer Yachts from 80 to 140 feet. The model is set to be delivered by the end of 2018.

Cdm To Build Custom 42m Explorer Yacht Launches One Off Unit 1

(Photo: CdM - Custom 42m Explorer Yacht)

The new explorer yacht is part of the Serie-K project, owned and managed by Floating Life and has been followed since the beginning by the President of the shipyard Gabriele Virgili. K42 is the result of the cooperation of the team of Cantiere delle Marche, Floating Life for the hull – the building of the hull is based on a technical platform tank tests – and Studio Sculli for the exterior and interior design. Studio Hydrotec will cooperate for the naval architecture. The model joins the other five yachts, all over 100 feet, already under construction at Cantiere delle Marche.

The management of the company also announced the start of a new business unit dedicated exclusively to the realisation of projects other than those within the two ranges: Nauta Air and Darwin Class.

The new CdM One-Off Unit will manage new projects proposed by its customers and make sure that they reflect and are consistent with the standards set by CdM  – ideal engineering, great autonomy, original use of space, strength and quality in every detail. The management of these projects does not affect the normal production of the two Nauta Air and Darwin Class lines for which the team will remain the same. The One-Off Unit will develop, implement and deliver only one project every 18-24 months and a dedicated team will be specifically created for such projects.

The reasons behind the creation of a separate business unit dedicated to one-off projects are linked to a number of factors: the successful experience gained in recent years has led the company into contact with Owners, designers and design engineers all over the world, with different styles and influences that often are close or overlapping the values and the mission of the shipyard, but do not strictly fall into the two ranges – Nauta Air and Darwin Class. CdM has therefore decided to address a small number of well-identified projects.

This will allow the team to investigate new methods, different processes, use of materials and design for building very interesting yachts and, at the same time, to bring benefits and practical innovation to the existing lines.

The CdM One-Off Unit is also working on an additional custom explorer yacht, which will be delivered by 2019.