Published: Thursday, 19 January 2017

Global logistics firm Peters & May Group has acquired two patented load systems from Marine Invest, which were developed over several years with the aim at reducing costs and increasing flexibility for out of gauge cargo loaded on container vessels.

Peters May Acquires Two Patented Load Systems From Marine Invest

(Photos: Peters & May - Flat Rail and Cat Cradle with yachts on)

The resulting patented ‘Flat Rail’ & ‘Cat Cradle’ systems present clients with a revolutionary alternative to expensive break bulk shipments as well as allowing larger cargo to move as out of gauge rather than break bulk, the systems also speed up loading and open up new transhipment possibilities.

The Veritas approved systems will be marketed by Bespoke Load Solutions, a company wholly owned by the Peters & May Group. The new company will be spearheaded by Peters & May Group Chief Executive David Holley. Experienced industry stalwart Chris Steibelt will join Bespoke Load Solutions as Business Development Manager, and Eric Ferchaud, the inventor of the technology, will be in charge of operations.

Peters May Acquires Two Patented Load Systems From Marine Invest 1

(Bespoke Load Solution Sales Manager Chris Steibelt)

“Throughout my 35 years in the shipping industry it has always amazed me as to the complexity of moving large out of gauge cargo and the fact that customers struggle with the costs and time associated with the shipments,” says Steibelt. “Now we have the perfect solution that reduces cost, totally simplifies the process and one that truly opens up the globe to oversized cargo.”

Although the Flat Rail system is designed specifically for the marine industry, Bespoke Load Solutions plans to market the Flat Rail system to interested parties in the industrial and project markets.