Published: Monday, 06 February 2017

Yachtzoo, the yacht brokerage company with major offices in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale, is setting out its store through an expansion of operations in Asia’s growing luxury yacht market with Yachtzoo Tokyo.

Yachtzoo Enters Asia Market With Tokyo Branch 1

(Photos: Yachtzoo - Nigel Beatty)

Nigel Beatty, who has been with Yachtzoo since early 2015, has recently joined at the point of establishing the company’s satellite operation in Japan at the end of 2016.

The purpose of Yachtzoo Tokyo is both to promote a range of yachts to the Japanese market, as well as to add to Yachtzoo’s growing fleet of large yachts listed within Japan itself, encouraging both local charter and ownership.

Beyond the immediate market in Japan, the Yachtzoo Tokyo team is set to work with buyers and yacht Owners at a regional level, being based in the top business hub in Asia, and one of the top global business centres.

Kenta Inaba is an avid seafarer who has competitively sailed in the Super Maxi category across the globe, including many Sydney to Hobart races and transpacific races. An experienced designer and businessman in Japan, as well as the worldwide marine industry, his combination of skills is a can help his new role at Yachtzoo Tokyo.

Yachtzoo Enters Asia Market With Tokyo Branch

(Kenta Inaba)

With a background in the Royal Navy and subsequently as a captain of large private and charter yachts, Beatty splits his time between Florida and Japan. As well as setting up an international yacht services provider in 2001, he has represented Owners buying and selling yachts across the globe for 10 years, sending over 50 yachts back to Japan for Japanese clients. An active member of the region’s yachting industry, Beatty is currently Chairman of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Association.

“We are thrilled to be formally launching our yacht brokerage activities in Japan with Yachtzoo Tokyo, and I look forward to working with Kenta Inaba to develop this market further,” says Beatty.  “Japan itself has had a well-developed infrastructure for large yachts for many decades, and being the third largest economy in the world, plus a magnificent cruising grounds throughout its almost 7,000 islands, this is a perfect place to begin Yachtzoo's expansion into Asia.”

As the largest urban area on Earth, with 37 million inhabitants, Tokyo is one of the richest cities in the world. The city has by far the largest economy for any single urban area worldwide and along with Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, it is one of Asia’s four main financial and business hubs.