Published: Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Azimut Yachts collaborates with Italian photographer and artist Francesco Jodice for the first time in a project in which navigation is a source of inspiration for art. The first results of the project are the photos focusing on capturing the shipyard and the workers there, which were exhibited at the Mia Photo Fair (Mar 10-13) in Milan, Italy.

Azimut And Francesco Jodice Unveil First Works Of Project The Voyage 2

(Photos: Azimut Yachts - Francesco Jodice and Azimut CCO Francesco Boromei)

Jodice is an experimenter whose anthropological narratives analyse the human criticalities within the social context and the relationship of mankind with the nature.

Having the theme of ‘journey by sea’, Jodice was invited to the Azimut shipyard, in which he shot a series of photos that will become part of the three-year project “The Voyage”.

Through studies of ancient documents, voyage diaries and navigation techniques, Jodice aims to recreate and understand the feelings that accompany the myth of the journey by sea.

Azimut And Francesco Jodice Unveil First Works Of Project The Voyage

Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President of Azimut Benetti Group, said: “The innovative and experimental philosophy of this artist matches perfectly the DNA of our company. The research, the technological innovation and the use of innovative materials have always been in our genetic code. In our yachts, we look for a perfect union of experience, innovation and design, technology and tradition, appearance and functionality.

“Tools that allow to live the excitement of freedom, of discovery and of journey, which have always fascinated mankind. Therefore, we immediately felt excited about the project ‘The Voyage’, finding a peculiar harmony between us and the artistic expression of Francesco.”

The project, which involves Azimut Yachts and its shipyards, will result in a series of photographic works collected in an artbook.

The basic idea of the project is to represent three different aspects of journey by sea:
(i) the invention, the technique, the human inspiration that has always accompanied the naval construction,
(ii) the landing, as place of exchanges and different cultures, (iii) the sense of getting lost looking, of the wonder and the discovery of the trip towards new lands.

At the core of this path there is the sea, as well as the harbours and the boats. The naval engineering and its role in the history of explorations also became central in the project.

Azimut And Francesco Jodice Unveil First Works Of Project The Voyage 1

At the beginning of the project, there include are some famous discoveries made by great explorers – from Charles Darwin to Sir Francis Drake, from Joseph Conrad to Christopher Columbus – accompanied by the study of ancient maps and the reading of voyage reports.

The aim of the artist is to depict a travel and exploration path through the eyes of the ones who navigate, explore and retake the land from sea with a spirit of renewed surprise. The creative search of Jodice aims to construct a linkage between art and geopolitics, presenting the artistic practice as civil poetics. 

Francesco Jodice explained: “In the book/diary The Voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin shares with us a deep melancholy: it’s 1835, Darwin was at the end of a five-year voyage around the world and he meditated on the century of circumnavigations, discoveries, mapping, and understands that soon there will be ‘nothing more to see for the first time’.

“The beginning of my project is the rediscovery of this sense of epiphany due to the landing in the awareness of approaching a boundary line between land and sea, permanently altered by signs and semiotics throughout almost 200 years of anthropisation."