Published: Monday, 20 March 2017

Lagoon will participate in the International Multihull Boat Show (April 19-23) in France with four featured models including 42, 450 S, 52 S and the 560.

Lagoon Confirms Line Up At International Multihull Boat Show

(Photos: Lagoon - Lagoon 42)

Claiming various awards including ‘Best Multihull Sailing Yacht’ at the Asia Boating Award 2016 and named as ‘Cruising World Boat of the Year 2017’, The Lagoon 42 features it naval architecture by VPLP, exterior design by Patrick Le Quement and interior created by Nauta Design. The sailing yacht has a beam of 7.7m and a draft of 1.25.

The Lagoon 450 S comes with FlyBridge and SporTop version, which are equipped with more accommodation, larger deck areas, more facilities and a more advanced performance than Lagoon 450. VPLP was the naval architect and Nauta Design was responsible for the interior. It boasts a gull-wing bridge deck and the use of Alpi reconstituted wood for sustainable development.

Lagoon Confirms Line Up At International Multihull Boat Show 1

(Lagoon 52)

With choices of three, four, five or six cabins, the Lagoon 52 comes with large aft transoms, which can facilitate boarding and disembarking.

The Lagoon 560 can be installed with four or five cabins, which can be accessed through the cockpit.