Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Pershing under the Ferretti Group has unveiled the new versions of the 82 “Very High Performance” (VHP) and 74, which have which a new interior design scheme and more powerful engines. 

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 10

(Photos: Ferretti Group - Pershing 82 VHP)

The new interiors are the creation of designer Fulvio De Simoni in partnership with the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and Engineering Department. The feature reworked furnishings that have been enriched with new detailing and refined wood.

The Pershing 82 VHP is capable of breaking the 50-knot barrier and it has a cruising speed of 45 knots. This is all thanks to the new combination of twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines that generate 2,638mhp at 2,450rpm, together with Top System 95S surface propellers.

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 7

(Helm station)

In order to accommodate these changes, Pershing’s team of designers and engineers has altered the layout of the engine room, the heights of the stern garage and the positions of the air intakes. 

Dark and pale streaked oak on 82 VHP is embellished with numerous dark grey lacquered detailed that creates a large, pleasant open space where guests can take it easy, surrounded by Poltrona Frau furnishings and leather. The items of furniture include sizeable Quadra sofa and a Laurana wooden table with a glass top. Poltrona Frau is one of Pershing’s long-standing partners and it has also upholstered the large helm station and the three ergonomic, sporty seats for the Captain and the co-pilots. 

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 9

(Sun deck)

At the bottom of the steps is an area providing access to the four cabins. The corridor is decorated with alternating mirrored bulkheads and full-length panelling with metal patterned Elitis wallpaper. LED lighting on the floor emphasises the wall profile and boosts the sense of depth in the surroundings.

The same stylistic effect appears in the master suite, on both the forward and stern bulkheads. The burnished mirrors make the cabin feel even bigger.

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 8

(Main saloon)

In addition to the master and VIP suites, both equipped with en-suite bathrooms, the main area features two guest cabins with a shared bathroom. Taking pride of place in the heads are Bisazza mosaics, Pom d'Or accessories and Antoniolupi basins. The outer doors of the cabins are covered with Poltrona Frau leather. 

On request, the starboard guest cabin can be replaced by a media room that opens out onto the lobby. Aluminium LED profiles are used in the ceiling lighting system, which has also been overhauled in all of the rooms.

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 4

(Pershing 74)

The Pershing 74 features the updated shades of the on-board décor and the new Alpi wood and lacquer details, which provide a common thread running through the different rooms, appearing in everything from the curtain and mirror frames to the bathroom cabinets.

The lounge is furnished with a large, L-shaped corner sofa towards the stern, a central table with a smooth leather top and a structural unit with a retractable 40in flat screen TV. Ceilings and bulwarks are covered with Poltrona Frau leather in a light shade especially created to finish these decorative features. The leather on the helm station and seating is also made by Poltrona Frau. 

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74

(Main saloon)

The galley is mid-level between the main deck and below deck. The units are coated with white gloss lacquer and there is a contrasting effect thanks to the dark Corian top.

The lower deck blends natural light with LEDs, creating appealing effects that really bring out the ivory and dark grey hues of the interiors. In the full beam master suite, the panelling covered with Vescom wallpaper is masterfully broken up by strips of LED lighting. Two burnished as well as two Artemide wall lights. Rounding off the furniture is a chaise lounge with textile upholstery by Zimmer + Rohde. 

Pershing Unveils New Versions Of 82 Vhp And 74 1

(Master cabin)

The style of the master suite is reproduced in both the foredeck VIP cabin and the guest cabin, which comes with two parallel beds and can be fitted with a Pullman bed on request. They are all adorned with the same dark grey lacquer detailing, ceiling coverings, ice-coloured bulwarks and leather Poltrona Frau upholstery. There are ivory carpets in all of the cabins. The basins in the bathrooms are made by Brera and the mixer taps by Ritmonio.