Published: Friday, 03 March 2017

Known for its naval architecture and hydrodynamic pedigree, the Netherlands-based company Van Oossanen premieres an online service for ship hull analysis, which enables naval architects, ship owners, yards and students to analyse the performance of a ship’s hull with validated software, and receive a detailed test report by e-mail within a day. This development can be an important step in the development and appliance of ship simulation software.

Van Oossanen Premieres Online Cfd Ship Analysis

(Image: Van Oossanen)

Van Oossanen specialises in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis for ship performance. CFD can be described as a virtual towing tank. With advanced hardware and software, the flow around the ship is simulated in detail.

Van Oossanen’s goals are to offer easy access to their high quality, optimised and validated software, as well as to stimulate awareness on hull efficiency within the maritime field.

Compared to towing tank tests, CFD is as accurate and more cost effective, especially in the early design stages. In addition, CFD provides an almost unlimited amount of data flow details.

Niels Moerke, Managing director, commented: “We understand the necessity to have available tools to analyse hull designs in the early stages of a project. CFD is a very powerful but complicated and expensive tool, and with our webshop we make these simulations available for a very broad audience. As an ongoing process, we continually validate, tune and develop the CFD code to guarantee exceptionally high quality and trustworthy results." 

To kick-off the webshop, Van Oossanen has activated the option to ‘run’ a single surface bare hull. The company aims to enable the online analysis of multi-surface geometries, and to open the opportunity to add appendages and regular wave simulations as well.

The system is currently only capable of bare hull analysis, however, further types of ship analysis compatible with the online service are in the development stage.