Published: Wednesday, 05 April 2017

The plugs and mould tools of Kraken 50 are well under way at the yard of ISO9001 certified and multiple award-winning builders Xiamen Hansheng Yacht Building Co in China. The first order for the model was received and it will be launched at the end of this year.

Kraken 50 Incorporates Zero Keel For Higher Stability 2

(Photos: Kraken Yachts)

Kraken yachts, designed in New Zealand by Dibley Marine Yacht Design have an easily handled twin headsail rig that gives great upwind and downwind performance for a small crew in all weathers.

The Kraken 50 incorporates Kraken’s Zero Keel, in which zero bolts are needed to hold it in place. The lead ballast is inside the keel bulb and the hull, keel and rudder skeg are one piece. As a result, this design has eliminated any possibility of the keel falling off the hull. 

Kraken 50 Incorporates Zero Keel For Higher Stability 1

(Kraken 50 profile)

Dick Beaumont, Kraken Chairman, says: “It has long been accepted that a blue water cruiser needs a long keel rather than a short one to gain good directional stability. All Kraken yachts are designed this way. But we do not believe that the keel should be bolted onto the hull. Because it can (and too often does) come off.”

In the recent Vendée Globe around the world race, several IMOCA 60 yachts suffered serious damage - including rudder and keel loss, as a result of hitting UFOs (unidentified floating objects). The Kraken 50’s skeg-supported Zero Keel and reduce the risk of severe damage to the integrity of the hull and rudder if severe impact occurs and the integral keel cannot fall off.

Kraken 50 Incorporates Zero Keel For Higher Stability