Published: Monday, 10 April 2017

The vessel, Race for Water, left Lorient, France on April 9 for a five-year Odyssey with the mission to promote solutions to preserve the ocean. 

Race For Water Odyssey Departs For Bermuda 2

(Photos: Race for Water Foundation - Race for Water vessel)

More than 8,000 people came out to support the vessel’s ambassador and its crew. Race for Water is a state-of-the-art vessel powered by a mixture of renewable energy sources: solar, hydrogen and a traction kite.

The first stopover will be Bermuda, for the America's Cup, where Groupama Team France, the sustainable development partner of the Race for Water Foundation, is awaiting this vessel.  

Bruno Dubois, Groupama Team France Team Manager, said: 
"For many years, we have witness the deterioration of our ocean. Sailors who live the sea daily are worried. The scientists too. We have long been committed to this cause and respect the environment when we are at sea. More must be done upstream when on land, notably toward waste management or how to change our consumption habits.

Race For Water Odyssey Departs For Bermuda

“The Race for Water Foundation has the ambition to educate the public all around the world. Our objective is to help the Race for Water staff on site in Bermuda, during the 1st stopover of their Odyssey. We will help them to promote this cause, to raise awareness of the problem and their proposed solutions, so that we can start to change habits. It's urgent. Planning for tomorrow is now!"

As the guest of honour of the 2017 boat show, Race for Water was the place for discussion and meetings. On the docks, the public had the opportunity to participate in guided tours of the vessel, where they met the crew, including its Captain, Gérard d'Aboville, and one of its ambassadors, Alan Roura. 

Departing on a five-year expedition around the world, the Foundation aims to propose solutions for the conservation of the oceans. Marco Simeoni, President of the Foundation, said: “With this Odyssey 2017-2021, we want to demonstrate that sustainable solutions for conserving the oceans from pollution exist thanks to innovative technologies.”

Race For Water Odyssey Departs For Bermuda 1

The four missions of the project: 

- Promoting innovative solutions capable of transforming plastic waste into energy resources (with a machine developed with our partner, ETIA, whose pilot project will be carried out in autumn 2017). 

- Advancing energy transition by showcasing our mixed solar-hydrogen-kite-powered ambassador vessel. 

- Contributing to science by hosting international teams of researchers and educational science projects on board. 

- Raising awareness among decision-makers, the general public and younger generations. 

Simeoni said: “Groupama Team France has the same passion for the oceans and technological performance as us. They are in the field of sport, and us for the environment.” 

By signing a memorandum of understanding with the Foundation, Groupama have committed to the Odyssey and will carry Race for Water’s messages for the conservation of the oceans.

The Race for Water Foundation is committed to supporting Groupama Team France in its efforts to combat against the pollution of the oceans.