Published: Monday, 29 May 2017

Kraken Yachts Ltd., specialising in building sailing yachts, has opened up a new sales head office near Southampton (UK) in Swanwick Marina on the river Hamble – adding to its existing central operations and design office in Hong Kong. 

Kraken Yachts Expands Operation To The Uk

(Mark Williams, Kraken Sales Director is officially welcomed to Swanick Marina, Southampton (UK), the location of Kraken’s new office, by Nicola Walsh, Swanick Marina Manager)

The new sales office, set up by Kraken Sales Director Mark Williams, will be the central hub for worldwide sales of Kraken Yachts, dedicated to the sales and marketing of luxury blue water cruising yachts.

Williams said: “Swanwick Marina, belonging to the Premier Marina group, was a natural choice for reasons of accessibility for customers travelling from around the globe, great network capabilities and a premier location.”

The company also has progressive plans to open offices in the USA and Australia over the next 12 months.