Published: Thursday, 04 May 2017

Sanlorenzo’s Superyacht Division, located in La Spezia, launched the third superyacht in its 460Explorer line – Ocean’s Four.

Sanlorenzo Launches Third 460explorer Oceans Four 2.

(Photos: Sanlorenzo - 460Explorer Ocean's Four)

Since its international debut at Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015, five 460Exp units have already been sold to owners from different markets, such as the US, Mexico, Europe, Russia and China.

Ocean’s Four is a 42.2m superyacht with 460 gross tonnes, with a steel displacement hull and aluminium superstructure. 

Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel from Italy designed the interiors, aiming to establish a close bond between internal and external spaces, fitting the boat sketch inside and reproducing naval architecture in the settings.

Sanlorenzo Launches Third 460explorer Oceans Four.

They applied the same to the owner’s suite, where the openings were shaped in a way that people can see outside from the bed. This is done without altering the outline of the side of the boat.

The volume of the superstructure develops towards the ship’s bow, creating a large space on the stern section of the main deck, offering the possibility to house different toys during navigation, such as a private submersible, a seaplane, a sailing or fishing boat.

Once at anchor and free of toys, 460EXP’s main deck becomes a wide solarium.

Ocean’s Four differentiates from Moka (the first 460Exp) and X for the grey-blue-coloured hull and its lowered side bulwarks, allowing an exclusive view to the sea from the main saloon.