Published: Monday, 29 May 2017

Kevin and Tom Whitcraft’s THA72 won the IRC Zero Class during the Samui Regatta (May 20-27), with David Dimmock on Loco from Singapore leading IRC One Class, Lady Bubbly from Australia ranking top in Cruising Class and Thailand’s Nut Thongtoam on Multihull Solutions H3O winning the Multihull Class. 

Tha72 Triumphs On Home Waters At Samui Regatta 4

(Photos: Samui Regatta - Champion of IRC Zero Class THA72)

The last day of the regatta saw eight to 10 knots of breeze to the South of Chaweng.

With the TP52 of Kevin and Tom Whitcraft having already won the IRC Zero title the day before, all eyes were on the battle for second and third between Zannekin (HKG) and Freefire (HKG), and Zannekin were carrying a point’s advantage into the final day.

As it has been the case all week, THA72 pulled away at the start and chased Jelik around the course to cross the line just three minutes adrift. It was enough for the win on corrected time, and the smaller 46-foot Zannekin recorded the exact same time on handicap. Both were scored 1.5 points each, allowing Zannekin to increase their lead over Freefire in the series.

The close racing continued in the final race with less than a minute separating the top three, and this time is was an outright win for THA72 with Zannekin getting the better of Freefire by just eight seconds to finish second and third respectively.

Apart from Race 8 when Zannekin sailed the light airs best, THA72 has been untouchable, finishing the series with eight wins, one tied first and a third. 

Tha72 Triumphs On Home Waters At Samui Regatta 3

(Title winner of IRC One – David Dimmock's Loco)

The scores have been checked and re-checked for IRC One and it's correct: David Dimmock's Loco and the Ketelby/Sorenson/Brown/Douglas Ramrod tied for first in the first race of the day. While they shared the honours, the all-Chinese crew on Ocean Knight sailed an impressive race to finish eight seconds back in third.

Anthony Root's Black Baza finished on a high note with a win in the final race, five seconds ahead of Nick Burns/Fred Kinmonth's Mandrake III who's second place, together with a sixth for Fujin – it was enough for to Mandrake III  to finish second overall ahead of Fujin in third.

A third place for Ramrod in the final race saw them improve their overall standing in fifth, while the glory went to Loco.

Bringing an end to Lady Bubbly's Cruising class winning streak the day before, Tim McMahon's SailQuest Hi Jinks continued in their groove winning the first exchange by almost two minutes on corrected time. It was a similar story in the Multihull class with Mick Tilden's Pixalux adding their second series bullet, beating Nut Thongtoam's Multihull Solutions H3O in the first race.

Tha72 Triumphs On Home Waters At Samui Regatta 2

(Multihull Class winner Multihull Solutions H3O

Lady Bubbly capped off their series victory with a win and Multihull Solutions H3O added one more win their top-of-the-standings tally.

Samui Regatta brings to a close the 2016/17 AsianYachting Grand Prix season and after 12 events throughout Asia, Anthony Root and Steve Manning's Black Baza reigns supreme, and for the second consecutive year were confirmed as the Skipper(s) and Yacht of the Year.

Final top three in each class:

IRC Zero
THA72 (THA), Kevin and Tom Whitcraft (9.5)
Zannekin (HKG), Marcel Liedts (18.5)
Freefire (HKG), Sam Chan (23) 

Loco (SIN), David Dimmock (21.5)
Mandrake III (HKG), Nick Burns/ Fred Kinmonth (28)
Fujin (AUS), Gary Baguley (29) 

Lady Bubbly (AUS), Chris Mitchell (9)
SailQuest Hi Jinks (THA), Tim McMahon (14) 

Multihull Solutions H3O (THA), Nut Thongtoam (10)
Pixalux (AUS), Mick Tilden (16)