Published: Monday, 05 June 2017

Feadship has launched the 73m Hasna, the first yacht built for an Australian owner, who is a proficient yachtsman merging his experience into his first Feadship. Hasna blends a variety of home-from-home entertainment as well as features RWD-designed exterior and interior. 

Feadship Launches 73m Hasna For Australian Owner 6

(Photos: Feadship - 73m Hasna)

Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director, said: “The story of this Feadship very much revolves around the journey of the client and his family. He was the first owner ever to give a speech at the start of the build to the entire workforce, sharing his life story and why this Feadship would be so important to him and his family. They were very involved in the build and the owner also flew his friends halfway around the world to share the fun of the construction process with them on several occasions.”

Hasna’s engine room has been placed forward of the lower deck suites so that guests can have a direct connection to the beach club, allowing the younger members of the family to easily access this location. The beach club – which includes a gym and a dedicated relaxation area – is not, as is often the case, placed directly on the stern, but opening up to port and starboard with large balcony doors instead.

Feadship Launches 73m Hasna For Australian Owner 5

This arrangement, in turn, frees up space for a deep swimming pool on the main deck aft. The pool was required to be 8m long, without compromising on crucial features on the main deck including a cinema. The yacht’s length was extended to provide additional facilities for the crew on the lower and tank deck (including larger than usual cabins and an extra crew lounge), and a butler’s cabin was created.

The layout has been designed for the use of a family. The sun deck has an interior section amidships with sliding doors forward and aft. A bar runs from inside the saloon to the exterior aft deck and is divided by the sliding door, the gap for which is concealed by a sliding champagne bucket.

With the doors open, guests have a 25sqm deck, complete with Australian barbecue & grill set up and a 3sqm Jacuzzi surrounded by sun pads.

Feadship Launches 73m Hasna For Australian Owner 9 

She also offers distinctive areas for different generations of the family at various times of the day, while ensuring everyone still feels part of the collective whole. This is shown in the easy access and connecting lines of sight, and also by having a unifying flow of materials throughout the entire vessel.

The interior textures include whitewashed oak with contrasts in stained walnut, linens and cottons for the walls with 5mm trims on the panels, and bronze detailing. The overall interior style features an array of woods and finishes: the wellness spa includes mother-of-pearl, dark teak, cedar, marble, metal inserts, leather and five different fabrics. The use of smoked eucalyptus in the master stateroom reflects the owner’s heritage, as does a bespoke piece of artwork running from the main deck entrance up to the bridge deck. The vessel can accommodate 12 people.

Feadship Launches 73m Hasna For Australian Owner 7

Charlie Baker, Project Manager at RWD, explained: “The brief was to create a timeless exterior profile with lots of subtle details, many of which are inspired by an automotive aesthetic. Hasna’s profile has an understated elegance interrupted by standout features such as the giant swimming pool on the aft main deck with its infinity waterfall and curved glass sections.

“Profile elements of note include the sculptural mast structure, the subtle scoops that run around the main superstructure, and the large floating stainless steel cap rail. The latter was an incredible challenge to build, one which Feadship executed exceedingly well.”

Feadship Launches 73m Hasna For Australian Owner 8

RWD also used the furniture from Silverlining and Linley in the UK, Australian cabinetmaker David Boucher and lighting pendants by Silversmith Theresa Nguyen. 

Jack Canning, RWS’s Head of Interior Design, explained: “The interior scheme works in harmony with the exterior living spaces, an honest and natural palette of finishes creates the perfect background for small embellishments of opulent materials and art to stand out from.”

RWD has collaborated on this project with the Royal Van Lent Shipyard in the Netherlands since 2013, together with naval architects De Voogt/Feadship.

The RWD Studio also designed custom tenders for on board Hasna. The interior of the limousine tender takes inspiration from Hasna’s finishes and colours. The customised tenders are built in Australia by Vikal and the interiors are filled with sports styled stitched upholstery.

Steve Barker, Captain of Hasna, said: “The owner has been visiting boat shows for 20-plus years leading up to this moment. Having owned and chartered other yachts, he ultimately chose Feadship for his first large build based on a conviction that quality and value for money are paramount.

“He was not disappointed: the craftsmanship and attention to detail are outstanding and a testament to the men and women involved. The owner sees Feadship as the pinnacle of custom yacht building – and my experiences here during the build have confirmed that.”