Published: Monday, 17 July 2017

After her christening on June 23, Amels 180 departed for delivery on July 5, marking the shipyard’s fourth delivery this year from its Limited Editions range. 

Amels Delivers 180 Limited Editions 55m Lili

(Photo: Amels - Lili)

Imperial Yachts acted as broker for the sale in May 2016 as well as the Owner Representative and Construction Supervisor and now Charter Central Agent.

Despite her delivery in just over 12 months from her sale, Lili boasts an extended sun deck with a custom-made pool and a bridge deck owner’s suite with extended aft deck. 

The owner developed a unique colour scheme together with the Amels design team and exterior designer Tim Heywood. The paintwork has been executed by the Amels paint team, complementing the custom interiors created by the Owner’s choice of interior designer Laura Sessa.

Rose Damen, Amels’ Commercial Director, commented: “Even though she shares the pedigree of the Amels’ high value quality and finish, Lili is very different to any other Amels 180 we have delivered to date. Offering our clients such a high level of customisation in such a short time scale is only possible working at the top of our game with complete mastery of the project management and production process. Of course, smooth communication with the owner’s team is critical and we have a long-standing productive and close collaboration with Imperial.” 

Julia Stewart, Director of Imperial Yachts, said: “We are proud to see Lili delivered and once again this superyacht project is the perfect combination of Amels and Imperial’s fruitful collaboration. Just like her elder sister Astra, Lili is called to be the best charter yacht on the market, in her range, thanks to her new 6-cabin arrangement and the incredible living spaces fitting on board. The remarkable work accomplished on her sun deck and the extended living – and social – area built together with Imperial will create the legacy of this customised charter yacht.”